Wireless Audio Connection To Your Computer In A Meeting Room

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So you have this great video you want everyone to watch.  You take them into a meeting room and hook up your lap top to the high definition monitor.  You begin playing the video and sure enough the video is stunning!  But… the audio is underwhelming because you’re playing the audio through the speakers in your lap top.  And to hook it up to the sound system is beyond your limited knowledge of AV systems. 


There is a simple solution with the ListenPoint M1 Mic/Media Interface. All you do is use a short cable that goes from the computer headphone output to the AUX IN of the ListenPoint Media Interface.  Any audio that comes off of your computer can be heard in the same high definition quality as the video through speakers in your room. Need to play an audio file off your iPod or other audio device?  Use the same cable to wirelessly connect those audio sources.


How does this magic work?  The Mic/Media Interface is a wireless link to the ListenPoint system.  ListenPoint uses infrared light to transmit the audio so it’s secure and can’t be heard outside the room.  The audio from computer is “beamed up” to a device in the ceiling called a “Room Module”.  The Room Module receives the audio signal, amplifies it, and sends it to speakers in the ceiling.