iDSP Systems

Intelligent Digital Signal Processing is Listen Technologies new generation of revolutionary assistive listening receivers. The new systems feature:
  • Advanced Sound: iDSP receivers revolutionize RF sound quality with advanced DSP SQ™ which delivers 20 dB less noise and hiss than any other receiver
  • Smaller Size: Half the size and half the weight of any RF receiver makes it comfortable to wear, easier to use and hand out
  • Integrated Neck Loop/Lanyard: Makes every receiver compatible for T-coil hearing aid users and the DSP loop driver delivers a listening experience comparable to an installed hearing loop
  • Li-ion Batteries: Lasts longer which reduces costs of ownership, hassles, and the number of batteries in the landfill
  • Easy Management: iDSP streamlines the care and management of RF assistive listening systems with free software to customize channels, and solutions for storage, dispensing, and care
Upgrade packages with six or 12 iDSP receivers are also available for venues with existing 72 MHz systems. Click here for more information.
If there isn’t a system that fits your unique needs, a custom system can be put together by contacting Listen directly at [email protected].

My overall impression is very positive. The sound is clear and connects well with my telecoils. It is lightweight and comfortable on my neck. I like that I can open the loop to put it on and off my neck so I don't attract attention and I don't mess up my hair (vanity is so important! LOL).

Kathy Evans
Listen Technologies