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Hearing Well

First, a disclaimer: this posting is NOT meant to encourage discrimination against hearing impaired individuals also known as the hard-of-hearing (HOH). This article IS meant to provide a more even-handed view of the application of assistive listening systems (ALS or ALD) to help hearing impaired persons in venues such as houses of worship (churches, temples, etc.). Specifically, this commentary will address the aggressive and sometimes offensive marketing associated with one particular type of ALS system, induction loop systems.

Beyond The Sanctuary with Listen Audio Solutions

Have you ever had need for audio in an area of your church, but have no solutions on how to get it there? Do your patrons complain that the current audio system is unintelligible or too quiet? How have you maximized the experience of your congregants who do not speak the language of the sermon? Our worship houses are growing larger and becoming more complex. Many have audio needs in preexisting buildings where wiring cannot be run. Here are some great ideas about how to use wireless FM audio to meet your congregation’s needs.

HLAA Perspectives on Jury Duty

As people with hearing loss we can be excused from jury duty. But is that what we want to do or should be doing? We have fought long and hard for our rights to access in all aspects of society. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title II that covers courts requires that accommodations be made for us to serve. Why fight for these rights if we don’t have the confidence to use them? Not to mention our civic duty.

Hearing Loss after a Soundman’s Biggest Nightmare.

There has been a sort of intriguing dichotomous relationship between our hearing “test gear” and our other “test gear”…you know, the stuff that says TEF and HP and Tek on it.  There is perhaps a greater dichotomy between those two, together, and the modeling software that’s supposed to make it possible for our hearing apparatus to do its job most proficiently in a way that relates to the outer world.

Net-Centric AV Hopes and Fears

A few months ago I wrote about the need for our industry to embrace and get serious about the role of IT and AV. The long promised convergence of AV and IT has taken place — as far as technology is concerned. The still-promised or some would say threatened, convergence of AV and IT business models is well under way.

Barber Motorsports Park Revs It Up With Listen Wireless Audio

When the Indy Racing League (IRL) scheduled a circuit race at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham AL for the first time in April of 2010, audio was the last subject on the to-do list. After the race was completed, it was very clear that audio would now become mission number 1 before securing the next race date in 2011. Broadcast audio and integration was problematic and the complaints on the public address system’s quality and volume were to be addressed immediately. It was decided to renovate the audio system entirely.

Listen Technologies