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Photo of a large crowd in stadium bleachers cheering for their team during a sports match.
Project: Arenas & Stadiums
Product: Listen EVERYWHERE
Location: All Arenas and Stadiums


Professional sports are often played in very large arenas and stadiums, typically with 10,000+ seat multi-purpose spaces. It’s a challenge for teams and franchises to attract and maintain a loyal following of fans and season ticket holders.


Listen Technologies streaming Wi-Fi product, Listen EVERYWHERE offers a unique solution to increase fan engagement — assistive listening, live audio, multi-lingual audio, or a play-by-play commentary, creating a more immersive experience for fans.

Fans simply download the free Listen EVERYWHERE app to stream audio from several sources directly to their smart devices. They listen using headphones, earbuds or via Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids. Fans can select the public address system or choose to get even closer to the action by listening to a mic’d coach or player.

Some franchises or organizations might want to include a ”sports 101” audio channel for guests who are new to the sport and would like to increase their understanding of the game and rules. They are able to tune into live commentary and hear explanations of referee calls, plays strategy and more.

The customizable Listen EVERYWHERE app provides a way for the franchise to send food and drink discounts, contest information, promotions, player stats and other information to fans.


Higher fan engagement leads to an increase in ticket sales which leads to more revenue. Benefits of the system include:

  • Grow sales – Affordable solution that helps sports teams and venues stand out and offer fans a unique experience by attracting new season ticket holders and adding value to existing season ticket holders.
  • Stand out – Sports teams can be the first in their league to provide fans live streaming audio of the which can lead to repeat ticket purchases.
  • Enhance the fan experience – Fans can engage with players and coaches and immerse themselves in the game in a new and exciting way that brings the action of the game directly to them.

System Component

LW-200P-xx Listen EVERYWHERE Servers
Listen EVERYWHERE App (Free on Apple App Store and Google Play)


Wi-Fi Streaming Audio for Increased Fan Engagement

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