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People playing an outdoor Bingo game under a pavilion.

Project: Church Bingo Night

Product: Listen EVERYWHERE
Location: West Jordan, USA

Utah Church Congregation Reconnects with Listen EVERYWHERE


Social events, including church bingo nights, have been off the table for months at the River Oaks 5th Ward of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in West Jordan, Utah. Many of its congregants are elderly, putting them at risk of severe complications if they were to contract the COVID-19 virus. Because of their elevated risk, these congregants were not leaving home or socializing.


The congregation used Listen EVERYWHERE to host a socially distanced bingo parking lot event so congregants could get together safely.

Listen EVERYWHERE delivers crystal-clear audio via Wi-Fi to a free app on iOS and Android devices. The customizable app features welcome videos, text banners, channel labels, and more. Using the Listen EVERYWHERE system, the church broadcasts the audio from the caller’s microphone to participants’ smartphones or tablets. From there, participants could listen on their devices or connect the audio to any Bluetooth device, including car stereos or Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.

The church served dinner, drinks, and treats carhop-style during bingo for an all-inclusive drive-in event.


Listen EVERYWHERE eliminated the barriers of an in-person gathering, allowing congregants to be together, play bingo, and practice social distancing.

The church had nearly 30 cars parked in the lot, with about 80 participants for bingo. Once everyone was set up, they had a great experience safely connecting with friends.

Church leaders didn’t need to worry about spreading the virus via common surfaces or contact because there’s no shared equipment.

It was easy to set up and simple to use with a little explanation.


  • – Users download the free Listen EVERYWHERE app on their iOS or Android device.
  • – They simply open the app and choose the desired channel.
  • – From their device, they can then stream the audio to any Bluetooth-enabled device, including a car stereo or Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.


System Components

Listen EVERYWHERE Server
Listen EVERYWHERE Free App


Eliminate the barriers of in-person gatherings via Wi-Fi with Listen EVERYWHERE