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Grayscale phot of a large piece of farming equipment with driver wearing a safety vest, the front bumper of the machinery with a sign that says, "Greenvale AP, Natural choice for fresh potatoes"

Project: Greenvale

Product: ListenTALK
Location: UK

Greenvale is a leading provider of fresh potatoes in the UK and is the largest supplier of organic potatoes in the country. With two facilities to package potatoes for processors, retailers, and wholesalers, Greenvale sources fresh potatoes from 200 growers in the UK as well as from its own growing operation.


Greenvale wanted to improve the customer tours of its facilities while also following COVID-19 safety precautions including physical distance and required face masks.


Greenvale chose ListenTALK as its facility tour solution. The two-way mobile group communication system helps users overcome the challenges that social distancing, face coverings, background noise, and hearing loss pose to communication.

Users wear a small, lightweight transceiver (combination transmitter/receiver) on a lanyard around their neck and connect a headset provided by the factory or their own headphones or earbuds. They can hear everything their factory guide says and can speak to the group by pressing the talk button on the transceiver.

ListenTALK devices can also be sanitized between uses to help stop the spread of viruses and bacteria.


With the ListenTALK system, Greenvale offers an exceptional customer tour experience where everyone can follow safe social distancing practices while easily communicating with each other.

System Components

LK-1 ListenTALK Transceivers
LA-453 Headset 3 (Over Head Dual w/Boom Mic)
LA-482 Docking Station 4


ListenTALK improves customer tours while enabling physical distancing.