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Frontal view of the Hale Center Theater building at Harman Hall

Project: Hale Centre Theatre

Product: ListenRF
Location: Orem, UT

Hale Centre Theatre is Utah’s premiere family theater and one of the largest and most respected community theaters in the country. Hale Centre is a not-for-profit organization that offers theater education in addition to 400 live performances each year in its 613-seat state-of-the-art auditorium in Orem, Utah.

Committed to bringing an exceptional live theater performance experience to all patrons, Hale Centre selected an assistive listening system from Listen Technologies Corp. so audience members with hearing loss and disabilities might hear sound clearly and without
interference in its playhouse. The Hale Centre uses the LT-800-072 Stationary Transmitter, which connects to the theater’s main audio system to broadcast a high-quality audio signal to portable LR-400-072 belt pack receivers used by audience members.

The system transmitter plugs into the amplification system, with the sound wirelessly sent over FM radio waves to each patron wearing a discreet Listen battery-powered receiver and headset. Hale Centre stores the receivers and headsets in a convenient carrying case and lends them to theatergoers upon request. Patrons fit the headset comfortably on their ears, turn on the receiver and enjoy the clarity and intelligibility of performers’ voices. After the performance, patrons return the receivers and headsets and Hale Centre personnel clean and store them for future use.

System Components

• LT – 800 Stationary FM Transmitter (72 MHz)
• LR – 400-072 Portable Display RF Receiver
• LA – 122 Universal Antenna Kit (72 and 216 MHz)
• LA – 326 Universal Rack Mounting Kit
• LA – 164 Ear Speaker
• LA – 166 Neck Loop
• LA – 362 Rechargeable AA NiMH Batteries (2)
• LA – 317- 01 4-Unit Portable FM Product Charging/Carrying Case
• LA – 304 Assistive Listening Notification Signage Kit


Hale Centre Theatre in Orem, Utah, is one of the largest and most respected community theaters in the United States. Founded in 1947 by Nathan and Ruth Hale, Hale Centre Theatre is a not-for-profit performing arts organization that offers live performances six nights a week. Each year, 400 performances attract more than 225,000 patrons to the Theater. In addition to presenting family-oriented comedies and musical performances, Hale Centre Theatre offers acting classes and instructional programs.