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Outside view of Herberger Theater Center building

Project: Herberger Theater Center

Product: ListenIR

Once the Herberger Theater Center decided they needed to provide assistive listening to their patrons in need of audio amplification, some of their patrons complained they were having audio drop outs (dead spots) in the front rows and in and around the balcony seating areas.

The theater decided to improve their current assistive listening system in operation to ensure sure that everyone received the best possible experience no matter where they were seated.

Sound Image, Inc., out of the Phoenix AZ area, was brought in to install a new ListenIR (infrared) system that would provide full coverage for the multiple theaters. A Listen stationary IR system was installed and as a solution, provides the best experience for the theater goers while not interfering with the aesthetics of the beautiful building.

System Components

• LT-82 IR Transmitter
• LA-140 IR Radiators
• LR-42 IR Stethoscope 4-Channel Receivers
• LA-350 8-Unit Charging/Storage Station


The Herberger Theater Center is a non-profit organization whose mission to be the premier performance venue to support and foster the growth of performing arts in Phoenix, Arizona.