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A shot of a man on a tradeshow floor, speaking to a group of men wearing devices on lanyards around their necks with trade show booths all around them
Project: InfoComm AV Technology Tours
Product: ListenRF Portable
Location: Orlando, FL and Las Vegas, NV

InfoComm’s AV Technology Tours visit technical and entertainment venues, offering a behind-the scenes look at how leading edge AV technology has been implemented. Tour participants have the opportunity to hear from the experts that operate these venues and gain an understanding of real world applications of the technologies being exhibited on the InfoComm show floor.

To ensure that attendees are able to hear clearly and engage more fully, the InfoComm AV Technology tours provide Listen Technologies portable RF products. This solution is compact, easy to setup and use, and provides attendees with an exceptional listening experience.

The Listen LT-700 Portable RF transmitter wirelessly broadcasts audio to everyone in the group without the leader having to carry a separate microphone. The LR-4200/5200 iDSP receivers are half the size and weight
of competitive products and include Listen Technologies’ unique DSP SQTM noise reduction technology ensuring users have the best listening experience. The LT-700 along with the LR-5200 is ideal for all types of group tours including factories, outdoor events, stage productions, campuses; anywhere there is a need to amplify sound, without an installed system.

System Component

• LT-700-072 Portable Display RF Transmitter
• LPT-A210 Lightweight Behind-the-Head Microphone
• LR-5200-072 Advanced Intelligent DSP Receiver
• LA-430 Intelligent Ear Phone/Neck Loop Lanyard
• LA-401 Universal Ear Speaker
• LA-380 Intelligent 12-Unit Charging/Carrying Case


InfoComm International’s annual event attracts more than 30,000
attendees each year; the largest trade show in North America for the
AV Industry. As part of the event each year, attendees can sign up to
participate in an offsite AV Technology Tour. In the past, attendees
have had the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes preview of a
renowned Vegas or Disney Orlando stage production or an impressive
look at the technology that powers the penthouse suites at The

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