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L.A. Metro Conference Boardroom

Project: L. A. Metro

Product: ListenIR
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Until recently, L.A. Metro had relied on outdated AV technology to conduct and record the board hearings at its headquarters in downtown Los Angeles. As part of an extensive renovation, AV systems integrator, AVI-SPL, configured and installed a new infrared (IR) Assisted Listening System (ALS) from Listen Technologies.

The new system offers six channels of reliable Listen Technologies and Televic IR assistive listening with the provision for two additional channels. This allows the hub of Los Angeles County’s mass transit system to hold hearings on crucial issues in an array of languages, reflecting the county’s diverse population.

The system is used by translators and citizens speaking Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, and other languages to keep all present informed in real time as the agency’s administrators and members of the city council discuss and debate mass-transit policies and regulations that will impact the millions of riders of the city’s bus, subway and light rail systems.

System Components

• T8 Digital IR 8 – Channel Transmitter
• RAD25 Digital IR 25 W Radiator
• R8 Digital 8 – Channel Receiver
• LA – 165 Stereo Headphones
• LA – 330 Portable Unit Lanyard
• LA – 392 RG – 59 75 Ohm Pre-assembled Coaxial Cable


L.A. Metro is a multimodal transportation agency that is really three companies in one: a major operator that transports about 1.5 million boarding passengers on an average weekday on a fleet of 2,200 clean air buses and six rail lines, a major construction agency that oversees many bus, rail, highway and other mobility related building projects, and it is the lead transportation planning and programming agency for Los Angeles County.