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Middle aged couple sitting on a tropical beach admiring a sail boat coming in to shore.

Project: Out Island Charters

Product: Listen NAVILUTION
Location: St. Maarten



Out Island Charters showcases its St. Maarten home base of beaches, lagoons, mountains, five-star hotels and much more. With leading cruise lines arriving into port and greater numbers of international passengers eager to experience the 37-mile isle, it was more important than ever to raise the quality of tours to meet the changing needs of off-shore excursion buyers.

With cruise lines seeking premium off-shore excursions to sell to passengers, Out Island Charters saw the opportunity to replace its live-guide tour narration with high quality automated tours to combat declining sales. The company also wanted to attract more sophisticated travelers of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.

The company could not afford to service emerging markets using live multilingual guides who were hard to find and harder to train. Consistency of brand experience was a key goal for Out Islands, so it looked to Listen Technologies for help in creating new tours that would achieve higher customer satisfaction ratings.



Although Out Islands Charters has been providing services to cruise lines for several years, it needed a solution capable of supporting the simultaneous delivery of multi-language tours for guests on its buses. The company turned to Listen Technologies to write and produce new tours designed to accurately deliver commentary at the right place and time using GPS technology via wireless receivers and headsets. Engaging content was produced to increase high value interactions and customer satisfaction with cruise line passengers.


Being first to market with premium tours backed by engaging and entertaining stories enabled Out Island Charters to gain an immediate edge over competing tourism experiences on the island. In addition to higher quality tours, the company was the first to invest in foreign language experiences, further differentiating its business as St. Maarten’s premier tour operator. Tours are provided in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish with Mandarin to be added.

Due to the success of its multi-language sightseeing tours, Out Island Charters has recently launched a new tour called “St. Maarten Hidden Treasures.” This tour encompasses a power boat ride to Grand Case, a little town on the French side of the island known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean. Guest satisfaction ratings have gone way up, and the company continues to expand its business as a result of increased ridership and revenue.


Listen Navilution® Wi-Fi delivers GPS-triggered audio directly to visitors’ smart devices, no internet required. Connect up to 1,000 passengers with our multilingual global solution. Increase ridership faster, attract new customers and deliver cinematic experiences while removing operational barriers.

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