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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum
Project: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
Product: ListenRF

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum has an optional tour they give using a ListenRF wireless audio system. As museums go, the Rock Hall can be pretty noisy, after all, it is rock-and-roll and the noise isn’t at all conducive to group tours. Listen Technologies products help to save the voice of the guide and increase the intelligibility for those on the tour. With their international audiences, the Rock Hall also uses the ListenRF devices for interpretation. Multiple tours (or interpretations) can all take place in the same area, thanks to 57 channels and field tunability. In addition, when tours pause along the way, large groups tend to slowly disperse as folks are drawn by their interest in the artifacts. The units are practical for rounding everyone up to move along, or for finding lost patrons who dally along the way. They help save time and keep the tour moving on schedule. Tour guides wear LT-700 Portable Transmitters with a head worn microphone. Each guest wears a personal belt pack with an ear speaker that can receive the transmitted audio up to 150 feet away.

System Component

• LT-700 Portable Display RF Transmitters
• LA-278 Behind-the-Head Microphones
• LR-500 Portable Programmable Display RF Receivers
• LA-164 Ear Speakers
• LA-311 16-Unit Portable RF Product Charging/Carrying Cases


The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is a nonprofit organization that helps educate people about rock-and-roll music. The museum does this through its library and archives and educational programs.

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