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Rolled up building specification plans on a desk.

The Invisible Disability

At Listen Technologies we are passionate about educating people on the pervasiveness of hearing loss.  As part of this passion, we invite architects to participate in an open dialogue concerning the laws and new regulations surrounding assistive listening systems.

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Seven young adults sitting and standing in two rows. They appear to be close knit with one guy in the front having both is arms around the two guys seated on either side of him. Picture is outside with a solid blue background.

Why I Wear Earplugs

Band tour manager Forrest Reda shares his experience with House Research Institute for their feature SoundRules and on why he wears earplugs.

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Outdoor shot of the Detroit Dcience Center

The Detroit Science Center

The Detroit Science Center, founded by Detroit businessman and philanthropist Dexter Ferry nearly 30 years ago, was among the first centers for scientific exploration and learning in the country to include an IMAX Dome Theatre. An exhibit floor program plan encourages hands-on interaction, exploration and study of science and technology. Plans to transform the Science Center into a leading center for science education began in late 1998. In December, 1999, ground was broken on a $30 million expansion and renovation.

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Rochester Institute of Technology - brown brick multi-story building

Rochester Institute of Technology: Accommodating All Hearing Abilities

The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is home to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID), the first and largest specialty college of its kind. Since first accepting deaf and hard of hearing students in 1968, NTID continues to provide outstanding technical and professional education programs, while supporting deaf and hard of hearing students with a wide variety of services, from dispensing hearing devices and providing interpreters to assigning note-takers and installing group audio systems.

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Close up of a brown woman with pulled-back straight long black hair, wearing a black sleeveless top sitting in an audience wearing a stethoscopic infrared receiver - discontinued product

ADA Before and After….

In September 2010, the government made changes that were very significant to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The specifications and verbiage related to assistive listening were modified to help both the public venues to become compliant and those who would need the accommodation for assistive listening. The major changes included the following:

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