Top Three Reasons to be Excited about New Update to ListenTALK

What do courtrooms, cultural attractions, college campuses, worship services, conference centers, manufacturing plants, events, and boardrooms have in common? They’re places where ListenTALK can help ensure everyone can hear clearly and share in the same experience – obliterating communication barriers like not speaking the same language or hearing loss. Now, ListenTALK—our award-winning mobile communication system—is even better.

The latest firmware update to the system adds new capabilities to ListenTALK. Here are the top three reasons to be excited about the latest update to ListenTALK.

Enhanced Radio Performance

The firmware update enables more simultaneous groups operating in the same space. In North America and Japan, 20 different ListenTALK groups can now occupy the same area. In Europe, that number is 30.

This group-number increase benefits groups for simultaneous language interpretation as well as large-scale training and tours. For example, 20 tour guides could lead separate groups within a museum or cultural attraction. Or in Europe, up to30 simultaneous language interpreters can use ListenTALK in one conference center or meeting room.

Enhanced Communication Performance

ListenTALK’s update also improves the user experience.

  • Conversation flow. Now up to three people can speak at the same time, instead of two.
  • New algorithm. The update keeps the most recent contributor to the conversation and bumps the person who’s contributed the least when a fourth speaker joins in.
  • Channel dedication. The system now has the option to dedicate a priority channel to a group subleader.

Interpreter Mode

Gone are the days when a simultaneous language interpreter needed two transceiver units or headsets. In the past, they needed one to hear the speaker and one to broadcast the interpretation to a group. Now, they can hear the person speaking, then transmit the interpretation using a single unit and headset. It also allows a group leader to take an entire group and connect to another presenter without repairing the whole group.

What if the interpreter doesn’t speak the presenter’s language? With ListenTALK 2.0 this is no problem! The interpreter simply pairs to another interpreter speaking a language they do understand to create a relay interpretation scenario with a single unit. It takes less than a minute to pair to a group with ListenTALK.

ListenTALK has been the trusted mobile communication system since 2017. Now, the latest firmware update provides more capabilities than ever, with enhanced radio and communication performance and interpreter mode.

Are you interested in learning more about ListenTALK? Contact our communication specialists to develop a customized solution for your business or venue that you can try risk-free so everyone can hear clearly and share the same great experience.

Understanding Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR)

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manufacturers, provide visitors with a unique and memorable behind-the-scenes look at the
manufacturing process. Some manufacturing facilities, however, can provide a challenge due
to their noise level. In these cases, a tour system equipped with noise reduction headphones
may be required to both help guests hear the tour guide and to provide guests with adequate
hearing protection. This document will provide an overview of how noise reduction rated
headphones are rated and how they perform based on their Noise Reduction Rating (NRR).

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The New Normal of Social Distancing

You’re hearing it from every direction and it all fits into the same sort of bucket, “COVID-19 is doing ‘xyz thing’ to ‘xyz industry’ and ‘you need to think about abc solution’ or else ‘abc thing will happen’. 

Maybe it’s just me. I am in marketing after all and we tend to be dramatic. What grinds me however, are all the people I’m hearing from LOVE to talk in vague terms that make them sound smart without giving any practical advice. They use big words to explain how we should be ‘thinking differently’ but offer very little in terms of actionable information. I’m here asking you to read this message because I HATE ethereal jargon and I know you have more important things to do with your time than be placated. 

All that said your business does have a social distancing problem to solve. 

Plan Now for the Impact of Social Distancing

It should be evident based on how each and every government has handled the pandemic, regardless of your opinion on their methods or outcomes, that social distancing is the new normal. Even if a vaccine is created soon the lingering effects on our collective psyche will permanently adjust human behavior. People will ask about it, best practices will be written on it and it’s time you start planning for it.

In my work here at Listen Technologies I interact mostly with manufacturing facilities that come to us because they offer group tours of their facility, or because they train employee groups out on a noisy or open floor. However, we also see a lot of college campuses, museums and groups involved in legal proceedings come to us for our portable group communication system. 

The original intent is based on our systems ability to deliver clear audio to a group under any circumstances, whether it’s dealing with noise from a machine, or wanting to stay whisper quiet during a museum tour, or being so spaced out that you literally couldn’t hear each other. 

Now, manufacturers and other business leaders are coming to us because this same system will allow them to maintain social distancing protocols while performing critical job functions. Conagra Foods was deemed essential during the shelter in place orders but couldn’t continue operations until they implemented social distancing. Well how are you supposed to interact over noise without being closer than 6 feet apart?

Well, using a ListenTALK system anyone in the group can be within a 200m radius of the designated leader and still hear the audio as if, or sometimes better, than if they were standing right next to each other. Before the outbreak if you had people needing to communicate in a noisy or large open space they could just stand closer together, or shout if they had to, today that would be impossible and irresponsible.  The danger you face is if you think once the pandemic is over that you can go back to standing within inches and shouting. 

Remember when I told you I wouldn’t speak in ethereal terms? 

Well here it is – if you don’t figure out a way for your groups to communicate while maintaining social distancing guidelines you will lose money. 

You’re going to lose employees who don’t want to be at risk, you’ll lose customers who don’t see you adjusting and you’ll lose opportunities to win new business because you’re not adjusting to the new landscape. 

Yes, it is very self-serving for me to paint this picture of your business being at risk unless you buy our product, but that doesn’t make it any less true. If that takes away from my credibility and you want to feel like I’m slightly more altruistic, then let me tell you while I’d prefer you buy ListenTALK system, at the end of the day you can buy any group communication system and still solve your problem. What I care most about is giving you practical advice on how to adjust early to account for what’s coming during the next few weeks, months and years.

Systems like ListenTALK are the exact solution you need to solve the social distancing problem. We have competing products for sure, Williams Sound, Sennheiser, cheap no-name stuff from China you can get on Amazon – there are a lot of options for portable group communication systems. 

Why Choose ListenTALK

Your system choices fall into 2 categories, budget and quality. 

Budget – The cheap stuff from China that you can buy off Amazon will give you a poor experience. Will it solve your problem? Yes, but only on the surface. It’s like saying getting food through an IV keeps you alive. It may solve your nutritional requirements but you’d never want to live that way. The audio quality is bad, the range is limited, they’re hard to use and you spend more time fiddling with the settings than you do giving your tour or training which creates a bad experience, damages your brand, your ability to effectively train etc etc.

If you’re going to make the investment, invest in something you’d WANT to live with.

Quality – ListenTALK, Digi-wave and Sennheiser are all quality systems. We’re all professional audio engineers and we can all make a device that provides audio quality on par or better than a cell phone, or digitally enhanced land-line. You won’t get static, you won’t have any echo and in most cases you can have a 2-way system where participants can actually talk back to the leader and each other. 

What sets ListenTALK apart is that we designed the system to be technically superior while also being easy to use. You get all the benefits without a learning curve or complicated system management. 

From the devices themselves, to the ability to customize your system with different headsets and docking stations, you’ll get the best quality system, customized specifically for your noise environment, designed to be so easy to use you’ll forget it’s there. 

This is as ethereal as my article gets because up until you have a system in your hands you’ll have to believe what I’m typing. Well, let’s solve that problem too. 

I can get you a demo kit, customized with all kinds of headgear for you to try out, for free for 30 days. We’ll cover shipping both ways, all I’m going to ask is to keep a credit card on file just to make sure I get the kit back.

You can try it in your facility, with your staff, on a mock tour, whatever you want to do you can try for 30 days. If you need more time because of a shelter in place mandate you won’t be alone. Coke, Leisure Pools and Spas, the Corvette Museum, Hobas Pipe – everyone needs to extend their demo kit times and we’re happy to accommodate that. 

Don’t wait 6 to 9 months to decide you need to solve the social distancing problem. Let us get you a solution now so you can make a plan today. You don’t even have to take my word for it – call me on it, let me send you a kit and you can tell me whether or not ListenTALK will add value to your business.

If you’re not ready for a demo kit, download our Social Distancing with ListenTALK 1-sheet guide, and start talking about how you’re going to handle this for your business.

Social distancing won’t go away in 6 months, request a demo kit right now.

Request a Free 30 Day Demo Kit

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