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Oldcastle precast concrete vault outside in front of a mountain

Listen Technologies goes on tour with Oldcastle Precast

Cement supports civilization
People tend to have preconceived notions about cement. It’s heavy, and boring, and gray, and just sort of sits there, right? But as the hospitable employees of Oldcastle Precast in Ogden, Utah will tell you, cement literally supports civilization. Oldcastle Precast is the leading manufacturer of precast concrete, polymer concrete, and plastic products in the US. They provide solutions for all kinds of structures, including: entire buildings, walls, floors, stairs, elevators shafts, bridges, underground vaults, manholes, storm boxes, pipes, drainage products, and customizable pieces, as well. When they say cement supports civilization, they really mean it!

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Multiple metal parts on a conveyor belt in a production facility.

Begin a Tour with the End in Mind

Who says “show and tell” has to just be for kids? Being able to provide a live, behind the scenes look at what makes your company work can be an effective and exciting marketing tool when done correctly.

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Group of people on a manufacturing tour wearing protective hats

Group Tours Speaking Up

U.S. and factories, distribution centers, plants and other industrial facilities welcome visitors daily to get an insider’s view of the products and manufacturing process. For some companies, these tours are focused on VIPs, potential clients and partners. For others, it’s interested tourists and community members. Whoever is visiting, guided tours can be an unforgettable experience.

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Tour Guides Serve Up Satisfaction On Food Processing Plant Tours

As an experienced industrial tour guide, Robert Sapien has been taking advantage of tour group communication technology for a number of years. The first system he used worked pretty well at blocking out the din of noisy machinery on the plant floor. However, its clunky design and flimsy nature was undesirable and quickly wore out.

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Ice cream building

Guests Experience a Friendly Ice Cream Tour

Friendly Ice Cream Corporation opened its first Ice Cream Shoppe in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1935. In addition to providing a gathering place for guests to enjoy delicious, made-to-order food, Friendly’s also manufactures its own ice cream products at its plant in Wilbraham, Massachusetts.

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