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Julian Treasure at xSolutions

The Sound Agency’s goal is to optimize an organization’s BrandSound™ Led by Chairman Julian Treasure a man passionate about sound and importance and impact of sound in our lives, The Sound Agency has developed models and methods for businesses to improve its results by becoming conscious about its sound.
Julian Treasure is one of few people with three talks on the prestigious website. We used his “Sound Matters” talk in a recent interactive white paper.

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Brown-haired, blue-eyed 30-something man wearing a short-sleeved, black polo, squatting with both hands on wires in a nicely finished wooden shelving unit, looking at the camera.

You Get What You Pay For: The Value The Pro Audio Dealer Delivers

The internet is a great tool for finding the absolute lowest price for products.  And as a result we’re becoming engrained with the notion that we always have to get the lowest absolute cost for products.  Would you ever pay the lowest price for heart surgery?  I know that’s a silly analogy, but in many cases getting the lowest price isn’t necessarily the best deal for us in the long term.

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Close-up photo of Rodney Clark "Hot Rod" Hundley with a big smile and wearing a long-sleeved soft yellow button-down dress shirt, his wire frame oval shaped glasses, and a headset with a microphone

See With Your Ears Using Audio Description

I have fond memories of listening to “Hot Rod” Hundley calling the play-by-play for the Utah Jazz. It used to be that not many Utah Jazz games were televised and you were forced to rely on the audio description provided by Hot Rod on the radio. In many ways, the audio description of the event was even better than being there live. Hot Rod had some interesting and unforgettable terms like “Leapin’ leaner”; “Hippity-hop” and “Good if it goes!” I’d almost call that “high definition” play-by-play.

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Should I Use 72 MHz or 216 MHz?

Frequency modulation (FM) is a means of transmitting audio using electromagnetic waves. This same technology is used by local FM radio stations to broadcast music. Listen Technologies’ Stationary FM products wirelessly transmit audio from a sound source to portable receivers with headphones; primarily for assistive listening and language interpretation applications. FM signals can travel through most barriers – walls, ceilings, and floors. The distance a signal travels has many different variables such as Radio Frequency (RF) output power, the type and placement of the antenna, and the frequency band.

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Programming Listen’s FM Products

Listen FM products offer several functions that can enhance the experience of the user. The LCD on many of the products have several setting changes that allow for customized user scenarios. This post will briefly touch on three features that will reiterate my points.

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