WIN Stadium Gets A Sound Makeover

Rechristened as WIN Stadium, following corporate sponsorship, Wollongong Showground is a rectangular multi-purpose stadium in Wollongong, which regularly hosts the St George Illawarra ‘Dragons’rugby league matches. The stadium boasts a capacity of 23,000.



Public Address system for sports announcements, commentaries, BGM and paging. The Western Grandstand is also home to two new 400 person function rooms
Two rows of speakers installed into the roof canopy provide coverage of the seated audience areas.
‘Of all the 12-inch speakers on the market, there was only one that was powerful and lightweight enough to fit the bill and that was the EV ZX3 speaker system.’
As systems integrator, Noisebox installed the 24 white ZX3 cabinets from the top of the canopy, by suspending the speakers from single points into cut out templates before adjusting their angles and fixing into position. The entire loudspeaker system is powered by six Dynacord H-5000 multi-channel amplifiers, whilst an EV Netmax N-8000 system controller provides complete system management including routing, DSP, system control and supervision. At the insistence of the local council, a Drawmer SP2120 processor provides speaker limiting so that the stadium sound does not exceed imposed limits in the surrounding neighborhood.
win-stadium-west-standThe West Stand is also home to two new function rooms, which are used for game days in addition to corporate conferences, weddings and parties. Processed by an EV Netmax N-8000 processor, two EV CPS4.5 amplifiers power the EviD C8.2 ceiling speakers in these zones. An AMX NI-4100 processor provides complete remote control via a tablet, including Panasonic Blu-Ray DVD playback, whilst a lectern loaded with A/V equipment has been installed with an EV RE90P microphone. Four channels of RE2 wireless microphones have also been installed into the venue to enhance the facility’s functions.
Hearing Augmentation in this type of environment cannot be serviced by tradition loop design nor IR technologies. Noisebox investigated an RF solution utilizing the Listen product from the US. A single di pole antenna strategically positioned within the Grandstand successful delivers 100% coverage to the 7000 capacity audience. The success of this deployment was outstanding and confirms to AV professionals that the most successful solutions are the most elementary in their execution.
About Noisebox
Based in Sydney, with contractors nationwide, Noisebox Integrated Technologies is a privately owned, full service audiovisual product and services provider. Noisebox’s integration division is one of the best-trained teams in the industry, providing custom design and installation services to network operation centers, government chambers, boardrooms, meeting rooms, computer classrooms, and distance learning facilities.
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Trojan Horse Training Uses Wireless Listening Solution

It’s another hot weekend that finds ten students of Las Vegas-based Trojan Horse Training dressed in smart jodhpur trousers and show jackets, and competing in jumping and dressage* events with their equine companions. In the warm-up arena, a handful of trainers busily chase and call out final instructions to their dozens of students competing that day. The result is little more than a shouting match – each instructor trying to get the attention of his or her riders and communicate the corrective actions.
For expert trainer Gina Tatom, who sits outside the arena, her instructions pierce through the chaos to her students with crystal clear reception. Tatom uses a portable wireless audio system from Listen Technologies to train and coach more effectively.
Tatom first saw wireless audio technology being used by internationally acclaimed training moguls Pat and Linda Parelli. She immediately recognized how audio technology could aid her training program and started an extensive search for an affordable system that could withstand the rigors of her business, which spans from horse breaking and problem behaviors to show jumping.
“When working with some of these more challenging horses, there can be a lot of bumps, especialy if a rider falls off,” Tatom explained. “I needed a product that could withstand that kind of jolting.”
After passing up expensive professional systems and flimsy residential systems from the local electronics store, Tatom tried a Listen Portable FM System by taking advantage of the manufacturer’s free 30-day demo program. Between her private lessons and weekend shows, she put the Listen system through the wringer ensuring it could hold up to the demands of equine arts. Listen gave a blue-ribbon performance and the lifetime warranty gave her the additional assurance that she would always have functioning equipment should something go wrong.
Her satisfaction met, she purchased her own Listen Portable FM System which includes one LT-700 Portable FM Transmitter and four LR-400 Portable FM Receivers. The body pack styling enables the users to clip the units to their belts, allowing free movement for both the coach and the student. Tatom wears thetransmitter, which is equipped with a headworn microphone, and the students tune in with their receivers and headphones.
“The Listen system is great! I love having it,” said Tatom, whose passion and drive have earned her a reputation of never-ending energy. “My work is not as exhausting now because I can coach while sitting in the shade outside the arena instead of following my riders around. Plus, I don’t have to shout anymore.” Tatom further explained that in windy conditions especially, it’s difficult to hear a trainer even if she’s shouting.
The Listen system is particularly effective in those warm-up arenas with all her students wearing the receivers. “I can call out the name of the student, easily get his or her attention, and give instructions in a normal voice. The students have commented that this really helps them stay calm, which is so important when competing.”
From the trainer’s perspective, Tatom reports that her students are able to learn more quickly during their lessons because they can hear well. They save time because there’s no need to repeat instructions. To top it all off, her clients get more value for their money because the audio technology allows them to make the best use of their training time.
Thanks to the solid performance of Listen’s Portable FM System, Gina Tatom gets all-around winning results with her students at Trojan Horse Training.
*Dressage (pronounced dreh SAHZH) is the guiding of a horse through a series of complex maneuvers by slight move­ments of the rider’s hands, legs, and weight.

Qwest Center Patrons Experience Full Exciting Sound

Hard of hearing fans can now enjoy a hockey game’s blow-by-blow commentary, Stevie Nicks’ velvety voice or a circus ringmaster’s baritone with a new wireless assistive listening system now installed at Nebraska’s largest new venue.
The modern Qwest Center Omaha, with more than one million square feet of convention, arena, meeting, exhibition and ballroom space, installed Listen Technologies’ assisted listening system in its grand arena and convention center in time for a late September opening. The Listen system, which uses FM radio waves to wirelessly transmit noise-free sound to individual patrons wearing headsets or ear buds, was chosen for its clear signal that is effective for medium- to high range hearing impairment, for its ease of use and versatility.
Beth Ellsworth, a field representative with the Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, tested the system and liked what she heard. “This particular system makes the sound not just louder, but much clearer,” said Ellsworth, who has a moderate-to-severe hearing loss. “This system screens out the background noise. It was really great.”
Like many who are hard of hearing, Ellsworth has not attended many concerts. But she plans to now. “I’m going to look at the Qwest Center schedule to see when Simon and Garfunkle are coming,” she said.
The Listen system at Qwest Center, which also meets the requirements of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, includes both portable and permanently installed transmitters, which are wired into the building sound systems. Patrons who use the system clip on small battery-powered receivers and don headsets or ear buds, channeling the clear sound right to their ears.
Christy Harris, senior vice president of administration and Qwest Center project director, said she is pleased to offer patrons a full experience, whether they have come for sports or music, a convention or a circus.
“This system allows the hard of hearing the chance to experience the excitement and sounds here, just like everyone else,” she said.
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Billy Graham Crusade Selects Listen For Language Interpretation

Billy Graham Ministries in Europe had a need for a two channel language interpretation system for the upcoming crusade in Riga, Latvia (formerly part of the Soviet Union). Riga is the capital and largest city of Latvia, one of the major industrial, commercial, cultural, and financial centers of the Baltics.  Riga’s historical center has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so they reached out to their counterparts at the Billy Graham Ministries headquartered in North Carolina to inquire about possible equipment to meet this important need. 
This led the office in North Carolina to consult their trusted local audio provider who recommended the Listen Technologies language interpretation solutions for sound quality, ease of use and flexible frequencies for this part of Europe. The local dealer contacted Listen to work out the design details and a nice solution was formed. 
billy-graham-crusadeThe crusades will begin in November and is part of the Ceribas Festivals featuring Franklin Graham as the keynote speaker. 
The goal is in this eastern European country of Latvia is to build up values and let them know that there is hope! The Listen language interpretation system will be used to ensure their message of hope is heard “loud & clear.”


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