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Picture of a river and bridge

Wireless Audio Across the River

The Bridge to Bridge Waterfront Festival is a timed race for boats on the Sacramento River. Along with boat racing there are Jet Ski races, Coast Guard rescue demonstrations, and other festival activities. Seating and events are held on both sides of the river.

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Historic City Hall Building

Wireless Audio Distribution System Brings Ambiance to Historic Downtown

Located just a 35-minute drive or short train ride from downtown Chicago, The Village of Tinley Park is a community that has worked hard to attract prime business and hospitality industry development for the benefit of its residents and business owners.  In addition, village officials have partnered with the business community to revitalize its historic downtown, developing carefully planned incentives to encourage new construction and façade improvements. The construction of an architecturally outstanding train station and an inviting town square has made Tinley Park a popular venue for numerous community activities, attracting visitors from the entire area.

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Two culinary chefs standing in front of a produce display.

Harmons Culinary Tour

Have you ever had a chance to tour your favorite grocery store? I don’t mean running down the aisles grabbing your items off the grocery list. I mean an opportunity where you get to connect with those that make grocery shopping an experience not an errand we dread.

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Close-up photo of Rodney Clark "Hot Rod" Hundley with a big smile and wearing a long-sleeved soft yellow button-down dress shirt, his wire frame oval shaped glasses, and a headset with a microphone

See With Your Ears Using Audio Description

I have fond memories of listening to “Hot Rod” Hundley calling the play-by-play for the Utah Jazz. It used to be that not many Utah Jazz games were televised and you were forced to rely on the audio description provided by Hot Rod on the radio. In many ways, the audio description of the event was even better than being there live. Hot Rod had some interesting and unforgettable terms like “Leapin’ leaner”; “Hippity-hop” and “Good if it goes!” I’d almost call that “high definition” play-by-play.

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Why Does Listen Use Social Media?

I have been asked several times how Listen uses social media. Maybe a more important question is: why does Listen use social media? Listen is new to social media. We began this adventure in July 2009. In the beginning we didn’t fully understand what all the hype was about with social media. However, as we did more research and looked at the benefits – our eyes opened up. What we figured out is that social media could accomplish the following (I’ll explain in greater detail below):

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