Top Three Reasons to be Excited about New Update to ListenTALK

What do courtrooms, cultural attractions, college campuses, worship services, conference centers, manufacturing plants, events, and boardrooms have in common? They’re places where ListenTALK can help ensure everyone can hear clearly and share in the same experience – obliterating communication barriers like not speaking the same language or hearing loss. Now, ListenTALK—our award-winning mobile communication system—is even better.

The latest firmware update to the system adds new capabilities to ListenTALK. Here are the top three reasons to be excited about the latest update to ListenTALK.

Enhanced Radio Performance

The firmware update enables more simultaneous groups operating in the same space. In North America and Japan, 20 different ListenTALK groups can now occupy the same area. In Europe, that number is 30.

This group-number increase benefits groups for simultaneous language interpretation as well as large-scale training and tours. For example, 20 tour guides could lead separate groups within a museum or cultural attraction. Or in Europe, up to30 simultaneous language interpreters can use ListenTALK in one conference center or meeting room.

Enhanced Communication Performance

ListenTALK’s update also improves the user experience.

  • Conversation flow. Now up to three people can speak at the same time, instead of two.
  • New algorithm. The update keeps the most recent contributor to the conversation and bumps the person who’s contributed the least when a fourth speaker joins in.
  • Channel dedication. The system now has the option to dedicate a priority channel to a group subleader.

Interpreter Mode

Gone are the days when a simultaneous language interpreter needed two transceiver units or headsets. In the past, they needed one to hear the speaker and one to broadcast the interpretation to a group. Now, they can hear the person speaking, then transmit the interpretation using a single unit and headset. It also allows a group leader to take an entire group and connect to another presenter without repairing the whole group.

What if the interpreter doesn’t speak the presenter’s language? With ListenTALK 2.0 this is no problem! The interpreter simply pairs to another interpreter speaking a language they do understand to create a relay interpretation scenario with a single unit. It takes less than a minute to pair to a group with ListenTALK.

ListenTALK has been the trusted mobile communication system since 2017. Now, the latest firmware update provides more capabilities than ever, with enhanced radio and communication performance and interpreter mode.

Are you interested in learning more about ListenTALK? Contact our communication specialists to develop a customized solution for your business or venue that you can try risk-free so everyone can hear clearly and share the same great experience.

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