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If you could increase your business up to 20% by doing one simple thing, would you do it?

Inclusion has become one of the major values in modern society. We provide drivers tests in multiple languages. There are buttons to automatically open doors. We even provide pet life insurance. Yet, there’s a very important accommodation many businesses are neglecting.

The US Census ( is an analysis of our population of over 300 million, and it gives statistics on different ethnic and minority groups to help us better understand the needs of our citizens. There is one group whose percentage of the population eclipses any “minority” group in the US, yet seldom are accommodations available for their needs. Not only that, this particular demographic will typically embrace any businesses who would include one simple and relatively inexpensive need.

Did you know that 1 in 5 people worldwide suffers from measurable hearing loss? 1 in 5. That’s 20%. Compare that to the approximately 0.17% of the population who have impaired mobility. Additionally, the needs of the hard-of-hearing are covered by Federal Law under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Fortunately, there is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to include your customers with hearing loss.

By law, any venue in which audio amplification is integral to the use of the space, assistive listening MUST be provided. That means if you are a convention center, sports arena, movie theater, or any public space that uses a public address system you need to provide assistive listening devices. The most common assistive listening systems use either radio frequency (RF) or infrared (IR) to broadcast audio to a receiver that your customer checks out during their visit. And although required by law for many venues, it can be cumbersome to use–no one knows where to check out receivers, and when they do find them, the receivers don’t work or have broken headsets.

A better, more inclusive system lets your customer decide how they utilize your assistive listening system. Modern hearing aids can pair to smartphones via Bluetooth allowing hard-of-hearing customers to listen to audio through their own phones. What if you could deliver your own, custom audio content directly to them, on a device they already have in hand?

Enter Listen Technologies’ Combo Compliance Systems. Combo Compliance systems include the federally mandated assistive listening solution of your choice, whether it’s RF, IR, or Hearing Loop, and combines it with a powerful WiFi system that streams audio directly to a person’s smartphone via a free app that you customize, and they download. Now, you can not only satisfy ADA assistive listening requirements, you can enhance your customer experience by providing high-quality audio content streamed directly to your customer anywhere in your business. And with approximately 2.5 billion smartphones in use today, you get a tremendous return on investment. Combo Compliance systems are easy to install, and the WiFi servers can be connected to your existing wireless network by your own IT professional.

With Listen Technologies’ Combo Compliance systems in place, you are actively inviting 1 in 5 people, 20% of the population, into your business with a simple and inexpensive solution.

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Members Rejoice: Churches Ask Congregants to Bring Their Phones to Service

Instead of asking parishioners to turn off their cell phones during worship service, what if they could use them to hear your sermon clearly, no matter where they are in the building, or how well they hear? Venues everywhere are embracing the omnipresent smartphone as an assistive-listening solution and using the devices to get churchgoers more involved in the service.

But how does that work? It’s simple: Wi-Fi. Streaming audio over Wi-Fi isn’t a new technology. However, recent advances improved the technology and reduced latency, so there’s basically no audio delay. That’s made streaming audio over Wi-Fi to smartphones the perfect solution for assistive listening as well as live audio. Here’s why you need it and how it works:

Build Connections
Delivering sound over Wi-Fi to devices parishioners already carry is a simple way to re-engage churchgoers who’ve felt disconnected because they can’t hear or understand.

Maybe you’ve got parishioners who spend parts of the service in the cry room or lobby with their children. Or maybe members of your congregation have hearing loss—statistics show that’s likely as high as 20 percent of your congregants. Perhaps your worship service is a popular place, and audio for overflow seating is an issue. Or do you have parishioners who need translation, but have no way to broadcast it? That means you’ve got people who can’t engage and won’t feel connected to the service. You can help them feel that essential spiritual connection through the power of Wi-Fi with audio delivered straight to their smartphones.

Simply Connect
Audio over Wi-Fi is not only easy for you to install and simple to use, but it’s also affordable. With a small investment—less than $800—churches can deliver clear audio to parishioners in the building with Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies. All you need to do is connect your audio system—like a TV or microphone—to the local area network using a secure server. It may sound complicated, but it’s as easy as plug and play. Then parishioners connect to your Wi-Fi, download a free app to their smartphones, and start streaming audio. They can listen via their own headphones or earbuds. Or if they have Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, they can stream straight to their ears. And it’s scalable, so that you can accommodate small groups or thousands of users.

Churches can use this as an addition to existing assistive-listening solutions, like radio-frequency systems and hearing loops. Or it can be a standalone assistive-listening solution. Congregants use their own smartphones and headphones, so there’s no equipment for you to buy, store, or maintain.

An audio-over-Wi-Fi system is affordable and easy to install, but invaluable for your members who struggle to hear.

Spread the Word
Once you’ve installed Audio Everywhere, it’s essential to help your parishioners know about the system.

● Publicize: Use your regular news bulletins and website to promote your new listening solution. Also, post signs and posters about the system.
● Teach: Train your staff and volunteers how to use the system and troubleshoot. That way they’ll be ready to show parishioners what to do and answer questions.
● Celebrate: Share the success of Audio Everywhere with online reviews and word of mouth. Laud your increased engagement and attendance at church services.

Streaming audio over Wi-Fi to smartphones is an ideal solution for assistive listening. So, embrace the power of the smartphone and help your parishioners connect with their worship community with Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies. Go to to get started today!

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