Top Three Reasons to be Excited about New Update to ListenTALK

What do courtrooms, cultural attractions, college campuses, worship services, conference centers, manufacturing plants, events, and boardrooms have in common? They’re places where ListenTALK can help ensure everyone can hear clearly and share in the same experience – obliterating communication barriers like not speaking the same language or hearing loss. Now, ListenTALK—our award-winning mobile communication system—is even better.

The latest firmware update to the system adds new capabilities to ListenTALK. Here are the top three reasons to be excited about the latest update to ListenTALK.

Enhanced Radio Performance

The firmware update enables more simultaneous groups operating in the same space. In North America and Japan, 20 different ListenTALK groups can now occupy the same area. In Europe, that number is 30.

This group-number increase benefits groups for simultaneous language interpretation as well as large-scale training and tours. For example, 20 tour guides could lead separate groups within a museum or cultural attraction. Or in Europe, up to30 simultaneous language interpreters can use ListenTALK in one conference center or meeting room.

Enhanced Communication Performance

ListenTALK’s update also improves the user experience.

  • Conversation flow. Now up to three people can speak at the same time, instead of two.
  • New algorithm. The update keeps the most recent contributor to the conversation and bumps the person who’s contributed the least when a fourth speaker joins in.
  • Channel dedication. The system now has the option to dedicate a priority channel to a group subleader.

Interpreter Mode

Gone are the days when a simultaneous language interpreter needed two transceiver units or headsets. In the past, they needed one to hear the speaker and one to broadcast the interpretation to a group. Now, they can hear the person speaking, then transmit the interpretation using a single unit and headset. It also allows a group leader to take an entire group and connect to another presenter without repairing the whole group.

What if the interpreter doesn’t speak the presenter’s language? With ListenTALK 2.0 this is no problem! The interpreter simply pairs to another interpreter speaking a language they do understand to create a relay interpretation scenario with a single unit. It takes less than a minute to pair to a group with ListenTALK.

ListenTALK has been the trusted mobile communication system since 2017. Now, the latest firmware update provides more capabilities than ever, with enhanced radio and communication performance and interpreter mode.

Are you interested in learning more about ListenTALK? Contact our communication specialists to develop a customized solution for your business or venue that you can try risk-free so everyone can hear clearly and share the same great experience.

Listen EVERYWHERE Software Update Includes Private Channels

In the face of the pandemic, the BYOD (bring your own device) culture has gone from trendy to necessary.

Businesses around the globe are required to have employees physically distancing and wearing masks while on the job. In courtrooms and other government buildings, quietly conferring about sensitive or confidential matters is difficult if not impossible. In classrooms, teachers and professors are routinely losing their voices because they have to raise their voices to be heard through masks.

Having a pro-BYOD policy, along with the right technology, allows employees, students, and others to continue to communicate, work, and experience social events under these new conditions. With its latest free software update for designated private audio channels, Listen EVERYWHERE is the right solution to help businesses, courtrooms, classrooms, and more stay open while keeping employees and patrons safe.

Private Channels

Listen EVERYWHERE private channels allows for an added measure of security while adhering to social distancing mandates and the peace of mind associated with using one’s own device. Administrators, IT personnel, and professors can designate channels as private on their network protected by a password. Users can then access the audio using the password, preventing anyone else from listening.

Keeping information, conversations, and lectures secure is essential for venue administrators, professors, and IT personnel. Physically distancing can make it almost impossible since meeting in enclosed spaces and sitting near each other is unadvised and, in some cases, in violation of the law.

As an example, a network administrator can set up a private channel for a board meeting in which members are sitting in different areas of the building to maintain physical distancing. A professor can designate a channel as private to broadcast a closed-class lecture to multiple classrooms. In addition, organizers of a drive-in event can prevent non-patrons from streaming the audio.

More Highlights

The new features of Listen EVERYWHERE make the system an essential tool for venues of any kind, including:

  • System flexibility with any combination of public and private channels
  • Easy password management for administrators
  • New admin section on the mobile app for simple setup from a smart device
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Free upgrade for new and existing customers

“As BYOD trends increase and people maintain physical distance from others in the workplace, schools, and drive-in worship services, Listen EVERYWHERE plays a crucial role in helping them hear and engage safely,” says Maile Keone, president of Listen Technologies.

More than ever, Listen EVERYWHERE is the right solution to help venues and businesses stay open while keeping staff members, patrons, and others safe. With private channels for added security and additional app features, it’s the ideal technology to enhance the necessary BYOD culture.

To upgrade your Listen EVERYWHERE server, watch this video:

To setup and use the new private channels feature, watch this video:

For more information about Listen EVERYWHERE and the latest update, go to or call (888) 296-1623, or +1-801-233-8992.

The Benefits of a Portable Communication System

Taking Complications Out of Communication

Try to recall the last time you were a member of an audience. It could be a tour, a conference, or a gathering. Do you remember the sounds of the group, the occasional cough, the shuffle of people moving, and the person next you whispering to ask what the leader just said?

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3 Ways to Use ListenTALK in Your Facility

Key Points

  • Background noise can severely limit the amount of communication that takes place in an industrial setting.
  • ListenTALK systems provide a simple solution that will work in a variety of scenarios.
  • Effectively communicating to investors, executives, trainees, and others on facility tours can guide the safety of participants, provide a medium for clear communications, and ensure a good experience for all involved.
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Wireless Sound For Go-Cart Track

Thunder Creek Speedway in Dorney Park, a go-cart track in Allentown, PA, had a sound problem. The track, located in a residential area, was receiving numerous and ongoing complaints about the PA system on the track. In order for drivers to hear instructions and announcements over the noise of the car engines, track officials had to increase the PA system volume to a level considered offensive by their neighbors.
“For years, the park had been replacing windows in neighbors’ houses, installing thermal paint windows, putting more insulation in their walls, and spending large amounts of money to buffer the (bull) horns from the track,” explained Bob Schermerhorn, vice president of sales at Allentown-based Entertainment Services Group (ESG). “They started to realize that no matter how many windows they replaced, these were all houses built in the `30’s and `40’s. No matter what you did, you were not necessarily going to be able to completely minimize the noise.”
Bob and ESG suggested using a Listen wireless audio system for the cars. After installing an LT-800 Stationary Transmitter in the control booth, ESG utilized LR-600 Wireless Speaker / Receivers for each of the cars. The LR-600’s were adapted with custom designed rechargeable batteries and a shock absorbing mounting system. Then one was installed in each of the track’s 33 cars. “You really don’t see the speaker at all,” Bob laughed. “If you haven’t driven the car before, it’s almost as if God is talking to you. This voice comes out of nowhere, and it gets your attention. And the gain is enough that it can be heard over the engine noise.”
“I think it’s a great example of showing that there are a lot of applications for wireless audio,” said Bob. “When you say wireless, a lot of people think of microphones. But there are a lot more applications than you think.”
Listen wireless audio … applications that can really go places.
Story originally printed in November, 2002 issue of System Contract News, by Travis McGee.

Great Falls Improves Downtown With Wireless Audio

As a time-honored summer tradition, the Great Falls Business Improvement District (B.I.D.), auto dealer Bennett Motors, and KLFM 92.9 oldies radio sponsor Cruisin’ the Drag, a popular classic auto show. The show spans about nine blocks right in the heart of downtown Great Falls on Central Avenue. It features classic restored automobiles on display from all over the nation. The event, which has steadily grown from 300 – 600+ cars in its 4-year history, drew about 9000 people in 2004. This one-day event, like many others in the area, brings much needed business the downtown shops and eateries.


The Challenge

The Great Falls B.I.D. had been renting a cabled audio system to broadcast sound around the downtown blocks for their events, which cost thousands of dollars each time. While the system adequately distributed the sound, it required tripods and a multitude of cables on each block. All that cabling also required considerable time to install. With all the many events the B.I.D. hosts throughout the year, this audio solution was cumbersome and costly on an annual basis. Great Falls B.I.D. was looking for an easier and more affordable way to spread sound around downtown.


The Solution

Great Falls B.I.D. brought in local audio guru Mark Pritchard of Mountain Sound Project to take on this challenge. Using his technical knowledge of audio products and his own mechanical skills he devised a weather-proof wireless audio distribution system that has quick to set up and was affordable enough for the client to purchase outright.


The key technology that made Pritchard’s solution possible was wireless FM transmission available from Listen Technologies Corporation. In the central control box, Pritchard had various audio sources plugged into Listen’s LT-800 Stationary FM Transmitter, rack mounted with the other equipment. The transmitter would send sound out to LR-100 Stationary Receiver/Power Amplifiers located in speaker clusters which mounted to the old-fashioned lampposts around the downtown area.


In addition to the LT-800 Transmitter, the central control box also included a sound mixer, a CD player, a wireless microphone, an AM/FM tuner, and a cassette deck offering virtually any media to the users. Volume for the whole system is controlled from this box, which is usually located right in the middle of Central Avenue for downtown events, but can be set up anywhere.


The speaker clusters, which can be installed in less than a minute and a half, include the LR-100 Receiver/Amplifier, two JBL speakers, a Stuart 2-channel power amplifier, a fan, and an on/off switch. He fabricated steel brackets and weather proof boxes for these clusters. During the winter holidays, the system was left up for four solid weeks, without any problems. A single power cable plugged into an outlet on the lamppost provides power for each of the components. Two clusters per block are staggered in the six-block downtown area. Dismantling each cluster takes less than a minute – and B.I.D. volunteers can do it all themselves, no special labor is needed.


The system as a whole is ideally suited for a wide variety of community events. Because it is so easy to install and is so portable, the system can be used virtually anywhere, such as the parks and civic center, and anytime. The versatility of the central control box enables the B.I.D. to broadcast background music, radio remotes, announcements, commercials, and more. In fact, during radio remotes the AM/FM tuner broadcasts the remote as it comes across the radio station. In addition, the radio personalities will cut over to the microphone for the central control box to make special announcements just for those in the downtown area.


Client Satisfaction

Great Falls B.I.D. Director Greg Madsen reported that this innovative audio solution has worked beautifully since its birth at the Cruisin’ the Drag event. The clusters have worked flawlessly despite temperatures of nearly -30 degrees in the winters and 105 degrees in the summers. Purchasing a system saves them a lot of money over time. Plus it has helped increase revenues to downtown business.


“It’s worked flawlessly! For Cruisin’ the Drag and other events the system has worked so well to make the atmosphere comfortable and inviting. In fact, people who work downtown have proactively sent us message telling us how much they enjoy the background music.”


The Great Falls B.I.D. has continued using this easy and affordable solution for a host of other events to help rejuvenate the downtown area, including its Annual Downtown Summer Sidewalk Sale, the Christmas Stroll, and First Night festivities.

Calvary Chapel Offers Language Interpretation

With a thriving ministry in Salt Lake City, Utah, Calvary Chapel had just one drawback: they did not offer Spanish language services, and thus could not adequately serve the growing Hispanic community around them. The solution? Real-time language interpretation equipment from Listen Technologies Corporation.

The first step was to research their options, notes Calvary’s Jim Harris, church administrator, who turned to the internet for his search. It didn’t take long for him to find Listen’s real-time interpretation and assistive-listening products. “We were impressed with the customer service and follow-through” provided by the greater Salt Lake City-area-based Listen dealer, Marshall Industries. The sound quality and competitive prices sealed the deal.

Answering an immediate need

The church placed an announcement in their bulletin, asking for volunteers comfortable enough with Spanish to assist with the interpretation. They found two. In the meantime, Listen sent them a demo. As soon as they had it, a family arrived for Sunday’s service needing language interpretation. The husband shared that his wife, who did not speak English, hadn’t attended church in over a year. She used the wireless equipment that morning and hasn’t missed a Sunday since.

The interpreters, who take turns between translating printed materials and interpreting services, watch the service on a monitor from a room offstage. They have Spanish/English Bibles printed with side-by-side columns, one in English and the other Spanish.

Real time in no time

The entire process – from the decision to try Listen’s equipment to the implementation of the system – took only four to six weeks, with assistance every step of the way from Listen’s corporate office and the dealer. Calvary also learned from Marshall Industries that their language interpretation system could be augmented to provide assistive listening. They offer listening assistance now too, thanks to the addition of a wireless transmitter for that purpose.

“We were already familiar with wireless,” says Harris, who explains that the pastor uses a wireless mic with the youth group.  Still, they were “surprised” by how seamlessly the Listen system worked, how easy it was to install, and how clear they found the sound. Another bonus, unique to this equipment, is that Spanish-speaking churchgoers need not sit in a specified section of the sanctuary.

Since implementing the system, Calvary, which in the summer hosts a Church in the Park every Wednesday, has been able to use Listen’s transmitter to facilitate sound at these outdoor events full of fellowship, music and breaking bread (a barbecue is part of the afternoon activities). It is flexibility like this that has made Listen’s equipment and service priceless to the ministry and to its Spanish-speaking community.

Wireless Listening Solution Clear In Any Language, Over Any Noise

When managers at Subaru of Indianatake groups of visiting Japanese and American business executives through their 550-acre campus, Subaru needs a tour guide system that handles both language translation and noise control.

That’s why ProAudio by Brand’s Richard Tappenden recommended Listen Technologies Corporation. He said Subaru of Indiana, or SIA, had been using a system with pre-set channels that could not easily be switched to accommodate the size of the group, or the number of people speaking English vs. Japanese.

“With the Listen system, SIA can easily do the multi-lingual tours,” said Tappenden, ProAudio’s systems consultant and design engineer. “They just tell the people which channel to set their receivers on and they get the right language.

With Listen, they have the flexibility they need.” But Tappenden said the managers at SIA were too business-minded to throw away working equipment from their older system. No problem. Tappenden said Listen was easily programmed so that SIA could continue using their old receivers as backup for large groups.

“The Listen system is versatile enough that clients can customize it for a variety of applications,” Tappenden said. “They will eventually phase out the other system and replace it completely. But Listen’s flexibility allowed SIA to continue using their existing product for now.”

Utah-based Listen Technologies Corporation produces wireless sound systems for tour guides and language interpretation, as well as assistive listening and soundfield uses. The small battery operated portable transmitters send sound over FM radio waves, allowing receivers to capture clear, noise-free sound. At SIA, tour guides are able to transmit two languages simultaneously to the touring executives by setting their personal, portable transmitters and receivers to different channels.

Whether their tours consist of 20 English speakers and 80 Japanese speakers, or vice versa, SIA can adjust the Listen system accordingly. But SIA has other concerns as well. The system needs to be strong enough to transmit clearly over such sound obstructions as the din of the stamping plant, where machines flatten 3,900 pounds of coiled steel and cut it into sheets the size of a car body, at the rate of up to 7,200 pieces per hour.

“Listen projects sound directly to the receivers,” Tappenden said. The noise-canceling headsets have the ability to filter out the machine noise from the stamping mill, the grinder, or other machinery. It’s a very tight system. Most importantly, Tappenden said his clients at SIA are extremely pleased.

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