In an Induction Loop (or Hearing Loop) assistive listening system, an integral wire connected to a loop driver is installed around the venue room in a variety of ways; creating an induction field that can be picked up by hearing aids with a telecoil. An induction loop is made up of a loop driver, copper wire, and the receiver being a user’s hearing aid or cochlear implant.

  • Many venues and users alike enjoy this type of an assistive listening system because the users’ disability is more discrete, as they simply use their hearing aids or cochlear implants to receive the audio signal.
  • There is no need to ask for a receiver or to wear something that draws attention to their hearing disability.
  • Loop receivers can be added to an induction loop system to accommodate those that do not have a telecoil-equipped hearing aid or for those that do not wear a hearing aid.

If loops are used they accommodate the legislative requirement to be hearing aid compatible, however to be totally compliant loop receivers need to be included.

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I have often wished for a clearer sound system, a quieter listening environment, or just simply the ability to hear better. Experiencing Listen's hearing loop has allowed those wishes to become reality. I simply turn on my hearing aid and cochlear implant to my "T" switch and in streams beautiful, clear sound!

Kristel Scoresby
Counselor, Arise Counseling Center
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