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U.S. and factories, distribution centers, plants and other industrial facilities welcome visitors daily to get an insider’s view of the products and manufacturing process. For some companies, these tours are focused on VIPs, potential clients and partners. For others, it’s interested tourists and community members. Whoever is visiting, guided tours can be an unforgettable experience.

To help tour participants get the most out of their visit and to make sure they have a positive tour experience, the tour needs to be planned, coordinated and executed in a way that everyone on the tour can see and hear the amazing things the company has to offer.
Below are 5 key elements that can help every tour visitor have a positive, memorable experience.
  1. Ensure that everyone can hear every word from the tour guide. Factories can be loud—if the participants can’t hear, they will walk away with little more than a headache. An excellent solution for mobile tour groups is a Portable RF system from Listen Technologies (Link to landing page). A wireless microphone/transmitter broadcasts the speaker’s voice to the tour audience. People on the tour have a personal receiver where they can adjust the volume control to suit their own needs. Gone are the days when a person in the back of the group is frustrated because she can’t hear the guide’s tantalizing commentary over the hum of the machines.
  2. Plan the best route. A meandering route through the factory’s innards usually isn’t enough for a knock-out tour. The route the tour takes should be long enough to show off the amazing machines and other interesting areas of the facility but not too long to get monotonous. The tour should also include, but never interfere with employees as they busily engage in their daily activities.
  3. Write a Script. Some tours are replete with quips, jokes and other such wisecracks, while other tours, particularly those given to current or potential clients and customers take on more of a serious or impressive tone. Whatever the intention of the audience, a tour should never be conducted off the hip. The tour guide should be well versed on every aspect of the facility and the workings of the equipment.
  4. Right-size” the tour for the audience. Some tours are short and others can be relatively long; however, regardless of the length of the tour, it is important to ensure the message fits the audience. Tours give the opportunity to impress guests with a “behind the scenes” look at the manufacturing process, the company culture, and how many widgets are produced each hour, day or year.  Interesting facts and tidbits make for a memorable tour.
  5. Sell the past, present and future of the company. A tour is a great opportunity to discuss the history of the company, how it got to its current state and the innovations it is continuing to employ to take it into the future. Always highlight the benefits and remember that a great tour can be one of the most powerful sales tools a company has.
What additional tips do you have for guided tours? Sound out in the comments and let us know. To learn more about our products and how they can make your guided tour more positive and memorable, head here http://bit.ly/LTManufacturing or call 1.877.760.9271.
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