8 Ways to Improve Wi-Fi Streaming in Houses of Worship

The services are engaging and inspiring. The building is comfortable. With millions of people deciding where to attend religious services every week around the country, what sets a house of worship apart from the others?

People aren’t attending religious services like they used to—attendance is down from 42 percent in 2008 to 38 percent now. Give people a reason to come back week after week, with the best-in-class Wi-Fi streaming solution. Here are eight ways to use Listen EVERYWHERE to make every house of worship more accessible and inclusive.

1. Give the best listening experience with Wi-Fi streaming

About 48 million people in the U.S. have some degree of hearing loss. Some may wear hearing aids, but not everyone does. With Listen EVERYWHERE, everyone has a choice of a better personal listening experience via Wi-Fi streaming. To start streaming audio from the sermon, all they need to do is download a free app to their iOS or Android device. Your patrons will then hear every word delivered straight to their ears via their personal headphones or earbuds.

For houses of worship that need an ADA- or IBC-compliant solution, Listen Everywhere can help there, too. It’s available in packages with IR and RF systems that will make the house of worship compliant and ultra-inclusive.

2. Include everyone

Listen EVERYWHERE is the perfect system to use for an intergenerational how-to activity. Have tech-savvy youth teach seniors how to use the Wi-Fi streaming system.

3. Broadcast venue-wide

Listen EVERYWHERE works everywhere the Wi-Fi reaches. That means everyone, whether they’re in the kitchen or nursery, patio or parking lot can hear the sermon or lesson. That is, as long as the Wi-Fi streaming signal is strong enough.

4. Stock headphones

People will appreciate having the option of noise-canceling over-the-ear headphones. Keep a small stock on hand for people who don’t own their own and want to focus on every word of the service.

5. Add interpreters

What about language interpretation? Listen EVERYWHERE does that too. It supports up to 16 channels so that a house of worship can broadcast multiple interpreters at the same time.

6. Post signs

A house of worship won’t get maximum usage unless it tells people about the Wi-Fi streaming system. Post information, so everyone knows Listen EVERYWHERE—and any other assistive listening system—is available.

7. Keep it open

Listen EVERYWHERE works by broadcasting sound via Wi-Fi. Keeping the Wi-Fi system open or with a simple password ensures everyone can use it. No one wants to remember a continually changing password like 7GiK:HYmbq!k.

8. Add value

One of the incredible features of Listen EVERYWHERE is that it has customizable features in the app. Houses of worship can use this feature to include banners with special notices, links to calendars, hymns and more.

Listen EVERYWHERE —the best-in-class Wi-Fi streaming solution—makes any house of worship more accessible and inclusive. To get started with this affordable system, call (877) 760-9270 or go to listeneverywhere.com today!

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