Assistive Listening
Devices for Churches

Engage audiences with wireless streaming audio
and customized content delivered directly to their
smartphones and Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

Streaming Solutions for Houses of Worship

Reach your members and guests, and share your message clearly with everyone, thanks to Wi-Fi streaming audio options from Listen EVERYWHERE. Adding the capability to deliver live audio and language interpretation directly to smartphones and mobile devices allows everyone to participate fully, without noisy distractions, language barriers, or the limitations that come with overflow seating.

Designed for Where You Worship

Congregants, parishioners, and visitors alike can easily select the room channel that corresponds to the space they are in. Additionally, custom messages, directions, upcoming events, and more can be displayed to them in the FREE, customizable Listen EVERYWHERE app.

“I donated a Listen Everywhere Assistive Listening system to our Church. The installation was very easy, and it allowed us to clearly hear our Pastor’s message in the church foyer, and greeting areas, above the many conversations that take place there. Very helpful for those times that we cannot get inside the sanctuary to listen to the message.”

Lennox Hoyte, M.D.
Donor, Revealing Truth Ministries, Tampa, FL

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Connecting tech-savvy guests to meaningful experiences is more important than ever before.


Increase understanding by breaking down language barriers.

Sports Bar

Optimize your multi-screen investment by adding audio to guests on their smartphones.


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