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Wireless Communication Made for Interpreters

Language interpreters work in a variety of settings, using high-tech wireless communication or talking face-to-face. In our multilingual world, interpretation is a growing profession with the number of jobs expected to grow faster than the average—18 percent between now and 2026. Though language interpreters work in diverse locations and speak different languages, they have similar…

8 Ways to Improve Wi-Fi Streaming in Houses of Worship

The services are engaging and inspiring. The building is comfortable. With millions of people deciding where to attend religious services every week around the country, what sets a house of worship apart from the others? People aren’t attending religious services like they used to—attendance is down from 42 percent in 2008 to 38 percent now….

6 Tips to Improve Sports Viewing in Bars and Restaurants

Sports viewing is a big draw for restaurants and bars. Here are seven ways to improve the sports-viewing experience for patrons: Offer the best Wi-Fi audio streaming For the best viewing experience, offer the world-class Wi-Fi audio streaming solution, Listen EVERYWHERE. This easy-to-install system streams crystal-clear sound via Wi-Fi straight to patrons’ smartphones and tablets….

Give guests the best personal listening experience

The millions of people who own smartphones and other devices probably don’t expect a tremendous personal listening experience when they walk into a bar, restaurant, hotel, casino, cruise ship, airport or another hospitality-related venue. Businesses that give customers exceptional listening experiences stand out from the crowd. They also keep clients inside longer—spending more money—and earn…