6 Tips to Improve Sports Viewing in Bars and Restaurants

Sports viewing is a big draw for restaurants and bars. Here are seven ways to improve the sports-viewing experience for patrons:

Offer the best Wi-Fi audio streaming

For the best viewing experience, offer the world-class Wi-Fi audio streaming solution, Listen EVERYWHERE. This easy-to-install system streams crystal-clear sound via Wi-Fi straight to patrons’ smartphones and tablets. Once they download the free app with the venue’s branding, they can decide what they want to hear—all without lip-sync or interference issues. The only limitation is which games the venue is showing on TV.

Install high-speed Internet

Everyone multi-tasks. They want to eat, drink, play fantasy sports and check social media and email while they’re watching the game. So make sure the venue offers high-performing Wi-Fi, so it doesn’t slow patrons down. It also will keep them inside the business longer.

Display showing options

Don’t make customers guess what games are on. Use handwritten or digital signage—or better yet, the customizable Listen Everywhere app—to announce what’s showing and what’s coming up.

Provide charging stations

Restaurants and bars don’t want customers leaving prematurely because their phones or tablets died. Also, they don’t want customers driving home when they shouldn’t, just because they didn’t have a phone to call a cab or driving service.

Control the remote

Putting a remote in the hands of a customer is a recipe for disaster. They may change the channel to something inappropriate or cause a disagreement because other people in the venue were watching the previous channel.

Advertise on social media

Let patrons know which games will be available at the venue and when via social media pages. That way they won’t have to guess where to go to watch their favorite teams.

Following these tips will help bars and restaurants give patrons the ultimate sports viewing experience. If you’re ready to add Listen EVERYWHERE to your entertainment lineup, give us a call at (877) 760-9270 or go to listeneverywhere.com.