How I Fell in Love with the Arts

The arts, and especially theater, have never been a big part of my life. Here at Listen Technologies, though, arts are a big part of our business—especially Hale Centre Theatre in Utah. HCT is a firm believer in inclusive technology, something we specialize in at Listen. When HCT was building a state-of-the-art theater, they made ListenLOOP part of the construction—giving people with hearing loss the best possible listening experience. Then as they were putting the finishing touches on the building and giving tours to donors and other VIPs, we persuaded them to give ListenTALK a try. They fell in love with the two-way, inclusive communication system and so did their guests.

I decided to see how ListenTALK worked at HCT and took a tour myself. I fell in love not only with the system, but with theater. I got to see and hear how everything comes together behind the scenes and touch the handmade wigs and costumes. I saw the sets hanging in the air, and people building the pieces.

With ListenTALK, I didn’t miss a single word of the tour. I could ask questions while we were walking around backstage—even with forklifts moving set pieces and other machinery humming around us. I could hang back from the tour a little and watch everyone backstage in action, all while hearing every word of our entertaining tour leader. Experiencing the incredible efforts of the passionate professionals behind the scenes made me enjoy the show more, which never would have happened without ListenTALK.


Shane Trujillo

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