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The LA-437 Line/Headset Mix Cable allows a ListenTALK (LK-1) with a Leader Clip installed, to connect a Line Level Input and Headset.  This allows the leader to conduct communication and playback of music or a pre-record audio file.


One (1) LA-437 Line/Headset Mix Cable

Product Specifications
Specification LA-437


Color Black with Silver Switch
Cable Length 22.9 cm (9.0 in.)
Unit Dimensions ( H x W x D) 6.4 x 2.3 x 1.9 cm (2.5 x 0.88 x 0.75 in.)
Unit Weight 18.5 g (0.65 oz.)
Shipping Weight 25.5 g (0.90 oz.)


Connection to ListenTALK Male 3.5 mm (TRRS), CTIA complaint
Headset Connector Female 3.5mm (TRRS), CTIA complaint
Line Input Connector Female 3.5 mm (TRS), Left / Right Sum

ListenTALK Transceiver

Ideal for fast, clear, and secure communication with staff, team members and more. LK-1
Used With

ListenTALK Base-4 System

Two-way communication starter system including one headset and four transceivers. LKS-1

ListenTALK Base-8 System

Higher-capacity ListenTALK starter system including one headset and eight individual transceivers. LKS-2

ListenTALK Collabor-8 System

Complete two-way communications system including eight headsets and eight transceivers. LKS-3
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