Listen Technologies expands its Hearing Loop offerings in the Americas, with its distribution partner Ampetronic to meet the growing needs for professional audio Hearing Loop systems.

Listen Technologies is pleased to announce the availability of Ampetronic’s MLD5, MLD7 and MLD9 MultiLoop™ Drivers for Hearing Loop Phased Array systems.

“These MultiLoop™ Drivers are part of the new ‘benchmark range’ for professional audio Hearing Loop systems,” shared Mike Griffitt, Listen/Ampetronic Hearing Loop Certified Instructor at Listen Technologies. “In the past, a Hearing Loop Phased Array systems used to require two separate loop drivers and a 90° Phase Shifter which would take up valuable rack space. Now, all of that is delivered in an elegant, sturdy compact unit, requiring only a single 19″ rack mount unit. Ampetronic, already the recognized world leader Hearing Loop manufacturer has set a new standard for professional audio with these drivers.”

Highlights of the MultiLoop™ Drivers include:

  • Ideal for assistive listening applications in places of worship, theaters, schools, conference rooms, training facilities and hotels where Phased Array Hearing Loop systems are required.
  • Deliver even field strength and frequency response over large areas and in the presence of metal structures.
  • Capable of driving a wide variety of multiple loop configurations from multiple simple loops to phase shifted array or, low-spill systems for the most challenging requirements.
  • Deliver years of trouble free service to ensure venues will never disappoint people with T-Coil hearing aids.
  • Optimized sound quality and audio processing ensures that people with T-Coil hearing aids will be delighted with the experience.
  • Design, installation training, support and certification ensure the Hearing Loop system meets the demands of customers, and the IEC 62489-1 induction loop amplifier performance standard.
“The MLD units are a great step forwards in space efficiency and performance for professional hearing loop systems, and a step to ever better adoption of quality hearing accessibility” comments Ampetronic Managing Director Julian Pieters. “We have had a great response to the product range already, and are excited to be once again setting benchmarks for our industry.”

The MLD5, MLD7 and MLD9MultiLoop™ Driverswill be demonstrated at InfoComm June 12 -14, 2013. Visit Listen Technologies and Ampetronic at Booth #1449. For more information on Hearing Loop systems contact Listen Technologies at +1.801.233.8992. Watch this short video on what Julian Pieters, Managing Director, Ampetronic has to say about the newMultiLoop™ Drivers.