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The C Series hearing loop drivers from Ampetronic mark a substantial development in assistive listening technology. Compact, elegant, and sturdy, C Series units feature digital signal processing and networking functionality. The drivers feature a simple digital user interface, enabling accurate adjustment and providing clear indicators, system diagnostics, and built-in test tones. C Series drivers are fully networkable with a Wi-Fi accessible standard browser-based control panel for remote set-up, monitoring, and email alerts.

The C5-1N features 5 Amps RMS current loop output, plus ample voltage headroom, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Fast, accurate installation can be performed with total confidence; unique, multi-stage filtering ensures compatibility with other systems and global EMC regulations.


One (1) C5-1N C Series Single Loop Networkable Driver (5.0 Amps x 1)
One (1) Loop Connector
One (1) DC Connector
Two (2) Input Connectors
One (1) 100VAC Line Connector
Two (2) 2mm Steel 1U Rack Mount Brackets
One (1) C Series Quick Start Guide
One (1) Power Cable (region specific)
One (1) Induction Loop Sign
Four (4) Self-adhesive Feet


  • Simple digital interface enabling accurate adjustment
  • Single or dual output options. Dual outputs featuring accurate and stable 90° phase shift
  • Highly energy efficient Class-D amplifiers with low heat dissipation providing low running and maintenance costs
  • Networking with browser interface for remote reporting, adjustment, active status monitoring, and remote fault reporting via email or Telnet
  • Built in test zones
  • AGC and dual slope configurable MLC
  • Up to 2 x 675m2 Perimeter Loops area coverage
  • Up to 1100m2 MultiLoop™ area coverage
  • Compact 1U rack mount unit with internal transformer for simple rack installation
  • Optimized for speech frequencies with unmatched intelligibility and capable of high-quality musical reproduction
  • Industry standard Phoenix connectors
  • Data compliant with IEC 62489-1 Standard
  • 100V line input
Configurations & Architectural Specs


C5-1N C Series Single Loop Networkable Driver (5.0 Amps)

Architectural Specs

The C Series Single Loop Driver shall continuously deliver 5 A(RMS) when excited with a 1 kHz sine wave as measured with the IEC 62489-1 induction loop amplifier performance standard. Only drivers that have been tested and compliant to this IEC 62489-1 specification shall be accepted, no other substitutions will be allowed.

In a Perimeter Loop application it shall cover up to 240 sq. m (2,584 sq. ft.) each. The driver shall have a frequency response of at least 80Hz to 6.5kHz +/- 3 dB with THD+N less than 0.2%. The unit shall incorporate (AGC) Audio Gain Control optimized for speech with a compression dynamic range of >36 dB audio processing. The unit shall incorporate Dual Slope Metal Loss Correction to rectify frequency loss caused by adjacent metal structures. The unit shall incorporate built in test signals and shall be fully networkable with a Wi-Fi accessible standard browser based control panel for remote set-up, monitoring and email alerts.  The unit shall occupy one rack space and rack mount brackets shall be included. The Single Loop driver is tested to and compliant with: IEC 62489-1 induction loop amplifier performance standard.

The C5-1N C Series Single Loop Networkable Driver (5.0 Amps) is specified.

Qualification and Certification of the Contractor

Only AV Integration Firms/Dealers that have completed and are currently certified under specific manufacturer training to test, install, and commission along with providing a Certificate of Conformity in accordance with the IEC 60118-4 standard shall be eligible to bid upon this portion of this bid.

Standard Compliance

This product is designed to form part of a system that can meet all the requirements of the international loop performance standard IEC60118-4, and the relevant parts of BS7594. To fully meet requirements of these standards, correct design, installation, commissioning and maintenance are required. All specification data has been compiled in accordance with IEC62489-1, the international standard for audio frequency induction loop equipment. Specification data should only be compared with data compliant to this

Product Specifications


Power35/55/95W 230V AC nominal, 45-65Hz [120V option available]
Input 1 & 23 way 3.5mm euroblock screw terminal input (supplied) with a balanced microphone and line level operation, selectable via rear panel switch
Microphone / LineMicrophone specification; 200 – 600Ω, sensitivity -67dBu. Selectable 24V phantom power on microphone only. Line sensitivity -42dBu
100V Line2 way 5mm euroblock screw terminal (supplied) 100V sensitivity +7dBu


Loop Output Drive Voltage20VRMS (28Vpk) at maximum output current per channel
Loop Output/Drive CurrentDrive Current: 5ARMS (7Apk) up to 60 seconds continuous 1kHz sine wave, peak >7A per channel Cont. pink noise 2.3ARMS short term peaks >7A per ch.
Loop Connectors4 way 5mm euroblock screw terminal (supplied) for each output, for star-quad configured feed cables
DC Output2 way 3.5mm euroblock screw terminal Re-settable, fuse protected 12V 0.1A.
Line Output3 way 3.5mm euroblock screw terminal (supplied) post AGC balanced output

Audio System

Frequency Response80Hz to 6.5kHz
DistortionTHD+N <0.3% 1kHz sine at full current
Automatic Gain ControlThe AGC is optimised for speech. Dynamic range >36dB
Metal Loss CorrectionCorrects system frequency response issues due to metal structures in a building. Gain constant at 1kHz, adjustable gain slope from 0 to 4dB per octave in 0.25dB increments. Custom 2 slope MLC allows different slopes and transition frequency to be set via the menu (network models only). This does not compensate for signal loss from metal structures which can be significant.
Phase ShiftUser selectable (web only) at 0° or 90° between outputs

Additional Functions

StatusTri-colour LED: Solid GREEN = normal operation Flashing GREEN = sleep or standby mode Flashing RED = error Flashing AMBER = firmware updating


SizeFull width 1U 19″ rack mount. Width 430mm Depth 190mm Height 44mm
Mounting OptionsFreestanding 1U 19″ rack mount (brackets fitted as standard)
Weight2.5 kg
EnvironmentIP20 rated; 20 to 90% relative humidity; 0 to 35ºC


Marks and ApprovalsCE and ETL Listed
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