IR Lanyard 4-Channel Receiver

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Compatible with the Listen Technologies line as well as other infrared transmitter systems, the LR-44 IR Lanyard 4-channel receiver is designed for comfortable wear and convenient device management. Capable of receiving up to four channels of audio in either mono or stereo, the LR-44 provides listeners with clear, high-performance audio in a compact unit. The LR-44 is compatible with standard AAA alkaline (up to 30 hours of use) and rechargeable NiMH batteries (up to 15 hours of use per charge), giving you a flexible solution for making your assistive listening system available to all who might need it.

Ideal for a range of assistive listening needs, from live theater and houses of worship to courtrooms, language interpretation, secure rooms and more, the LR-44 offers a simple and affordable receiver solution.

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One (1) LR-44 IR Lanyard 4-Channel Receiver
One (1) LA-152 IR Receiver Battery Compartment (Non-Charging)
One (1) Quick Reference Card


  • Crystal-clear reception and audio performance across four (4) channels (mono or stereo)
  • Compact design and adjustable lanyard for comfort and ease of use
  • Ideal for spaces or applications where privacy and security are a concern
  • Works with standard AAA alkaline batteries or the Listen NiMH rechargeable battery pack
  • Auto shutoff feature extends battery life
  • Compatible with the Listen Technologies line of infrared systems as well as other transmitters



Frequency Response63 Hz - 15 kHz (+/- 3 dB)
Signal-to-Noise RatioMono: > 60 dBStereo: > 52 dB
System Distortion< 2% total harmonic distortion (THD)
Audio Output Jacks3.5 mm connector unbalanced, mono or stereo headphones
Audio Output Power20 mW maximum at 32 ohms


User ControlsVolume, Power, Channel Select
ProgrammingChannel Lock, Auto Seek, Channel Lock-Out, Squelch


Unit PowerIndicated by current channel selection LED
Channel SelectionRed LED illuminates on the current channel selection


Carrier Frequencies2.3 MHz, 2.8 MHz, 3.3 MHz, 3.8 MHz
Number of ChannelsFour (4) selectable channels
IR DetectorsTwo (2) detectors under front IR lens
SensitivityOne (1) nW/cm2 at 40 db SNR
Frequency Accuracy+/- .005% stability 0 to 50C
SquelchAutomatic on loss of RF signal (40 db SNR)


Battery TypeTwo (2) AAA alkaline batteries or NiMH battery pack
Battery Life30 hours alkaline, 15 hours NiMH rechargeable pack (LA-364)
Battery Charging TimeFully Automatic with NiMH battery pack and LA-350 charger


Width4.00 in. (102 mm)
Height1.80 in. (46 mm)
Depth1.0 lb. (454 g)
ColorDark Grey with White Silk Screening
Unit Weight with Batteries2.55 oz. (74 g)
Shipping Weight1.0 lbs. (0.5 kg)
Weight1.75 oz. (49 g)


Temperature - Operation14 F (-10 C) to 104 F (+40 C)
Temperature - Storage-4 F (-20 C) to (122 F)
Relative Humidity0 to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing


StandardsFCC Part 15, Industry Canada, CE



+My stereo signals are a bit noisy. How can I resolve this problem?

Add more radiators. When you are transmitting stereo signals, the signal is degraded slightly. Increasing your radiator coverage will help mitigate this.

+Can I use a mono or stereo earphone with the LR-44?


+How does the receiver know if the signal is mono or stereo?

It automatically detects the type of signal and responds accordingly.

+What happens when there is no signal from the radiators?

The receiver’s audio signal is muted and after 30 minutes the unit automatically shuts down to conserve battery life.

+How does the user select carriers?

By pressing the SELECT button on the front of the receiver.

+Can the receiver automatically find a carrier?

Yes, it will automatically seek and find all available carriers when the power is turned on. If no carrier is found, the unit will stop on the last used channel.

+How many receivers can be used in a system?

Infinite number - there is no limit.

+How do you replace the batteries in the receiver?

For non-rechargeable batteries (AAA alkaline), remove the battery compartment and replace the batteries with fresh AAA alkaline batteries. For rechargeable NiMH batteries, simply replace the sealed battery pack with a freshly charged pack.

+How do I recharge the NiMH batteries?

Use the Listen LA-350 8-Unit Charging/Storage unit. This unit will charge batteries that are in receivers or out of receivers.