The LPT-A102 replacement mounting platform is used with a control unit (CU) or room module (RM). Can be used to mount on a wall, ceiling, and can be mounted to most standard size electrical boxes.


One (1) LPT-A102 Replacement Mounting Platform for CU/RM
Mounting Hardware
    Four (4) #6 Long Screws
    Four (4) #6 Short Screws
    Four (4) #8 Long Screws
    Four (4) #8 Wall Anchors


  • Order this to replace or as a back up to the mounting platform that is included with each control unit and room module
  • Designed to mount on most types of electrical boxes
  • CU and RM lock on to mounting platform
Configurations & Architectural Specs

Architectural Specs

The mounting platform shall be capable of mounting to a ceiling, wall and a desk. The platform shall be capable of mounting to all types and size ceiling and wall electrical boxes. The platform shall be capable of the Control Unit (CU), Room Module (RM) and cable cover to snap on and lock into place. The LPT-A102 Replacement Mounting Platform for CU/RM is specified.

CAD file(s)

Product Specifications
Specification LPT-A102


Color White
Shipping Weight 1.0 lbs. (0.5 kg)
Weight 1 lb. (454 g)
Q Does the LPT-A102 come in any other color than white?
A No, white is only color that the LPT-A102 comes in at this point.
Q What is Listen Technologies product warranty?
A Click for Listen's product warranty.
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