The LS-15 Wireless Distribution RF System is a perfect option for events that don’t have existing hard-wire infrastructure available for audio distribution. This system will save end users significant time, money, and hassle to get sound for their events. Includes a stationary transmitter with rack mount kit, receiver/amplifiers, and antennae. Use this system for indoor or outdoor events, background music. Great for downtown business associations, entertainment, events, and governments.


One (1) LT-800-216 Stationary RF Transmitter (216 MHz) 
One (1) LA-326 Universal Rack Mount Kit
One (1) LR-100-216 Stationary RF Receiver/Power Amplifier (216 MHz)
Two (2) LA-107 Ground Plane Remote Antenna (216 MHz)


  • Ideal for outdoor wireless applications with the use of the LA-107 Ground Plane Remote Antenna (216 MHz)
  • Superior Audio Quality – 80 dB signal-to-noise ratio, setting the industry’s sound quality standard
  • Long distances between transmitter and receiver – up to a range of 3,000 ft. (91.44 m)
  • A choice between 57 channels
  • Look & Listen™ LCD shows channel, RF power, and programming information
  • 100% Digital – the Listen LR-100-216 is digitally-tuned so transmission won’t drift
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty with hassle-free support
Configurations & Architectural Specs


LS-15-216 Wireless Audio Distribution RF System (216 MHz)

Product Specifications


Shipping Weight17.0 lbs (7.7 kg)
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