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Listen Technologies Corporation believes in experiencing every sound, whether its the carefully chosen words of a tour guide or the subtleties of expression emanating from an orchestra’s string section. Its all a vital part of the experience, and Listen is dedicated to making sure every individual hears every sound. Listen’s exclusive line of state-of-the-art products and technologies are diverse enough for use in auditory assistance, soundfield situations, tour groups and even language interpretation. Plus, our hands-on style and attention to our clients’ needs allow us to custom fit an auditory system to suit any need and any situation. Let no sound go unheard. Listen.

Auditory Assistance

Whether in a theater, in a house of worship, or at a sporting event, individuals want to experience every word and every moment. That’s what they came for, and they deserve to participate by hearing every single word. Although most people can suffice with a standard sound system, there are inevitably several in every gathering who could use a little help, or who want an enhanced auditory experience. Listen’s products are designed to provide an easy to use and convenient wireless sound solution for your patrons who want to make sure they don’t miss a thing.


For people to fully be enriched by an interaction, they need to hear and be heard. Often the interactions in training rooms, classrooms, and meeting rooms are conducted without consideration of amplifying the voice or other sound sources. Studies have shown that by boosting the audio levels in small to medium size rooms to create a soundfield, you can increase retention by as much as 30%. Listen’s simple and unobtrusive equipment delivers the audio structure your room needs to raise the overall sound intelligibility of all your sound sources. Participants will be focused and engaged; your voice won’t be strained from talking loudly, resulting in a productive and enriching interaction for all.

Tour Groups

When you give a tour, your audience is there to learn. But due to varying noise factors, just hearing the words can prove to be its own challenge for many of our visitors. Often the environment itself poses a problem, especially in workplace tours where machinery, equipment, and other voices can combine to make hearing a single tour leader remarkably difficult. By offering a Listen sound system for your visitors, you help ensure that they get the full experience they came for. Plus with features like a simple LCD readout a battery indicator, the system is not just easy to use but is often an indispensable part of a tour.

Language Interpretation

In the business world as well as the political world becoming more and more international, the need for reliable and precise language interpretation equipment is greater than ever. When the subtlety of meaning can be lost in as much as a tone of voice, clear sound is vitally important. If you want to understand the message, you have to hear the words. And in order for it all to come through loud and clear, you need equipment dedicated to the task. Listen products deliver the clarity, the precision, and the reliability absolutely necessary in a world where every word can mean so much.


With the amount of important information that is being shared in conferences and meetings, conferencing products offer a better and more efficient way to conduct these meetings. Listen’s Conferencing products are designed to enhance communications, improve performance, consolidate time and increase productivity by ensuring that all can hear and be heard. Whether providing sound reinforcement for those present or remote, incorporating language interpretation, electronic voting, web streaming or any other of the many features we carry, Listen Technologies has a solution for any meeting, training or conference.

Three separate ListenTALK receivers in a row with different group names on each display screen.
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