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Have you ever heard of or even heard the vuvuzela?  Well, if you were at the World Cup matches you mostly certainly will hear one.  It is the loudest of all instruments used by fans at events like this. Unfortunately, the vuvuzela can cause permanent hearing loss.  There were concerns the vuvuzela might prevent emergency announcements by FIFA who governs these events, but they accepted the use of the instruments anyway.  They say it’s part of the event – it’s part of the culture of soccer.  I suppose it would be like taking hot dogs away from a baseball game.
The vuvuzela puts out 127 decibels of sound.  It is believed that anything over 85 decibels risks permanent hearing loss.  A referee’s whistle puts out 115 decibels.

So what can we learn from this?  Simple, we all need to proactively protect our hearing and the hearing of our children.  Ear plugs are an excellent way to protect hearing or earphones that are designed for that purpose.  All it takes is ONE event to PERMANENTLY damage your hearing.  Even worse, what if it was your young daughter or son?  They need you to protect them.

The younger you are, the less likely you’ll hear my message.  Take it from someone who has partial hearing loss – don’t take your hearing for granted.

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