Hearing Loop System

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The D-Series MultiLoop network managed and DANTE enabled drivers make management easy.


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ListenLOOP incorporates induction or loop technology to produce a magnetic field which carries audio from the microphone directly to the receiver’s ear without ambient room noise. Loop Drivers are connected to audio amplifiers and deliver signals to wire loops installed in the room. These audio signals are received by telecoils or T-Coils in hearing aids and Cochlear Implants. Loop receivers may also be used in areas where induction loops have been installed for those who do not have T-Coil equipped hearing aids or Cochlear Implants. Induction Loops are generally installed at the time of construction or remodeling and require a design specific to the room where they will be installed. Loop installations are done by trained and certified installation teams.


    Hearing Loop Solutions

    Visit this resource page for information on hearing loop solutions.

    As a person with severe hearing loss, I am very grateful for this amazing technology. I have benefited from the Hearing Loop several times. It's simple; it's effective and most important it helps me to hear clearly! Thank you Listen Technologies.

    Kristel Scoresby
    Counselor, Arise Counseling Center
    Listen Technologies