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Create meaningful connections with the communities you serve when your audio is accessible to everyone using a radio frequency assistive listening system.

ListenRF transmits sound over radio frequency directly to the listener’s ear without amplifying ambient noise for crystal clear audio and unsurpassed intelligibility. 

For an estimated 466 million people worldwide with hearing loss, traditional sound systems are not enough. That is why ListenRF is a great choice for assistive listening, because everyone deserves an exceptional listening experience. 


Radio Frequency (72 MHz) System

The ListenRF Difference

Superior Technology

Intelligent digital signal processing for a superior listening experience.

Crystal Clear Sound

Delivers crystal clear audio directly to the listeners ear while filtering ambient noise.

A Fit for Every Budget

ListenRF is a budget-friendly assistive listening technology.

iStock-1284722479 LR-5200 4200 Image Stadium


Reliable performance backed by a warranty.

Simplicity for All

You will be surprised just how simple ListenRF is to set up and use.

Compliant Solution

ListenRF is a fully compliant solution for assistive listening.

Unique Frequency Ranges

Listen Technologies is the only manufacturer that offers radio frequency assistive listening systems in both the 72 and 216 MHz frequency ranges. 

Systems that operate in the 216 MHz  expands coverage for large theaters, arenas, and stadiums and allows the user to move around in large venues without losing the signal. This also simplifies the distribution of receivers as they all work in the same frequency and don’t need to be coordinated or based on where an individual is seated.

Aerial view of the Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium
Why ListenRF

ListenRF offers:

  • Digital audio for superior sound
  • Simplicity – easy setup and use
  • Designed for speech intelligibility
  • Small, lightweight devices
  • Standard 3.5mm jack for use with any headset
  • Works for large venues and spaces 

Listen Technologies has been trusted for more than 20 years by the world’s most recognizable brands.

Everyone Deserves an Exceptional Listening Experience

House of Worship

House of worship

Houses of worship are often beautiful structures but do not always have the best acoustics. Make sure everyone can connect to inspirational messages and music by providing assistive listening solutions.

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Higher Education

Higher Education

Assistive listening systems help educators create enriched educational environments that improve students’ retention, focus, and imaginations with sound. ListenRF can also be used for simultaneous interpretation. 

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From performing arts and civic centers to theaters, you aim to provide the best experience for your guests. A ListenRF assistive listening system provides superior audio for the best listening experience in the market. 

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Convention Centers

Convention Centers

Convention centers need easy to set up and use assistive listening systems as different organizations use their facilities. ListenRF provides that simplicity plus exceptional sound.

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ListenRF allows municipalities to provide compliant assistive listening systems so everyone can hear every word clearly at public meetings, hearings, and gatherings.

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Arenas and Stadiums

Arenas and Stadiums

ListenRF offers assistive listening to large spaces such as arenas and stadiums on the exclusive 216 MHz for the largest coverage area with little to no interference.

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ListenRF System Overview


Transmitters are connected to the audio source or sources and send the radio frequency signal to the antenna.


The ListenRF antenna transmits the signal over radio frequency to individual receivers.


Receivers are tuned to the radio frequency channel to receive and deliver the audio directly to the listener's ear while filtering ambient noise.


Listen offers a variety of headsets and an integrated neck loop that offer crisp, clear sound and intelligibility.


ListenRF transmitters offer outstanding audio clarity, digital signal strength meter, and shows status information for channel selection and programming. Connected to your main audio system, transmitters broadcast the audio over 72 MHz or 216 MHz. 

See all Transmitters

Radio Frequency (72 MHz) Transmitter
LCD Display

The LCD display on transmitters shows status information for channel selection and programming.


Balanced and unbalanced audio inputs allow use with any audio source.

Built-In Audio Processor

The built-in audio processor optimizes audio (voice or music) prior to transmission.

SQ Mode for Exceptional Sound

The SQ (super quiet) mode on ListenRF transmitters removes audio hiss for exceptional sound. 


Antennas are a vital part of a radio frequency system. Listen offers a complete line of transmitter antennas based on space, coverage area required, and indoor or outdoor use.

See all Antennas

Not sure which antenna to choose for your venue? Check out our Antenna Selection Guide

Product image of a universal antenna.
Small Spaces
Small spaces require minimal coverage that is typically handled by an entry-level antenna. The transmitter is locally installed within or adjacent to the room and running a coaxial cable to the antenna is not necessary. The transmitter may also be setup as a portable system that is moved from room-to-room when needed.
Medium to Large Spaces
Medium to larger spaces have a larger coverage area and the transmitter is generally located in a rack room away from the space that requires coverage. It is necessary to run a coaxial cable from the transmitter to the antenna so it can be mounted within the space and/or higher to provide adequate coverage; this is referred to as a “remote mounted” antenna.
Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces are commonly large venues that can hold a large number of people. The transmitter is not designed for outdoor use, so it will be installed indoors, such as in a rack room. The weather grade remote antenna is then mounted outdoors within the coverage area.


ListenRF receivers use intelligent Digital Signal Processing (iDSP) making them the best in the industry. All receivers offer outstanding audio clarity with the best ranges and reception. 

See all Receivers

Listen RF Receiver with Stadium written on it
iDSP for Superior Audio

Intelligent Digital Signal Processing (iDSP) means the receiver provides digital quality audio for superior sound quality vs. lower quality analog audio. Plus, you can set up and manage receivers using the free iDSP software.

Small and Discreet

Listen offers the smallest devices in the market which makes them lightweight and easy to wear. The small size also makes their use more discreet for users that are conscientious about using assistive listening devices.

Micro-USB Connection

Each receiver is equipped with a micro-USB connection which can be used with free iDSP software for charging, set up, programming, inventory management, and firmware updates.

Long Battery Life

Extended use can be challenging for other devices, but Listen receivers incorporate advanced Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that offer long life and reliable power. Receivers can be charged with the micro-USB connector or in the docking station. 

Integrated Neck Loop

The neck loop is a reliable and effective way for listeners with telecoil-equipped hearing aids and cochlear implants to utilize your assistive listening system.

See the Integrated Neck Loop

Intelligent Ear Phone/Neck Loop Lanyard

Each neck loop slips comfortably over the wearer’s neck and transmits the audio signal wirelessly to their t-coil device or cochlear implant, leaving the user’s hands free for added convenience.

Advanced DSP Loop Driver

Incorporating an advanced digital signal processing (DSP) loop driver for an outstanding listening experience, the integrated neck loop provides industry-leading assistive listening.


Accessories complement every application by adding functionality and features to customize your system based on the needs of your environment. 

See all Accessories

Dante 1CH Analog Output Adapter
Dante Adapters

Use Dante adapters to control your assistive listening system through the Dante interface.

Breakaway Lanyards

Lanyards allow users to attach a ListenRF device and wear it comfortably around their neck – making the devices hands-free.

Mounting Kits

Install your ListenRF transmitter in an audio rack with our universal mounting kits.


Signage helps you achieve compliance with assistive listening regulations while also ensuring that visitors know about your system’s availability. Listen offers clearly printed plaques and window stickers, each of which can be easily mounted in a convenient and highly visible location.

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Case Studies
Hale Center Theater at sunset.

Hale Centre Theatre

Hale Centre Theatre

Hale Centre Theatre is a large and respected community theater in Salt Lake City, Utah. Committed to bringing an exceptional live theater performance experience to all patrons, Hale Centre selected an assistive listening system from Listen Technologies so audience members with hearing loss and disabilities might hear sound clearly and without interference. 

Full Case Study
Outdoor view of a synagogue

Emanu-El Synagogue

Emanu-El Synagogue

San Francisco’s Congregation Emanu-El had its temple’s membership in mind with its installation of an assistive listening system from Listen Technologies. The synagogue had some assistive listening systems in place, but they weren’t compatible or effective for some members. 

Full Case Study
Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Dallas Cowboys Stadium

With up to 100K crowd capacity, the Dallas Cowboys stadium is what you would call one of the largest, AV advanced sports and entertainment venues.

Listen Technologies was specified for the public auditory assistance system and a cueing / information monitoring system for the press (IEM).

Full Case Study
It works well, sounds great, and requires little long term support and maintenance. We are very pleased with the ListenRF solution.
Pete Dugas Technical Services Audio-Visual, CEO
It is great to see products successfully installed in one of the biggest and best AV installations in the world.
Frank Frombach SurgeX, Regional Sales Manager
After the High Holy Days, we checked in with Judi to see how the Listen systems had worked – she said that there were several congregants for whom it made a huge difference, and she even got a letter from one who had been part of the congregation for decades, and said that this is the first time she’s been able to really hear the service. And it was an easy installation – we basically got the system configured and handed it over to them. Plug and play!
Patrick Waller Pro media/Ultra Sound, Project Lead

ListenRF - Radio Frequency Assistive Listening System Insights

Walnut Street Baptist Church Facilitates Community and Connection with ListenRF

Walnut Street parishioners love the new ListenRF 72 MHz system for its crystal clear audio, the small and simple receivers, and the way it’s allowing them to connect with their family and community. The use of the system for interpretation means that grandparents, parents, and children can attend church services together in their community and all hear the same message – without language being a barrier to their connection.

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