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Our commitment extends beyond mere business achievements; we deeply value engaging with our community, fostering professional development, and emphasizing the importance of health. Our positive impact on the communities around us measures true success.

Erase Student Lunch Debt

Imagine a Utah student not being allowed to take part in graduation activities because of a simple school lunch debt.

Numbers show that students in the state are currently burdened with over $2.8 million in lunch debt and one penalty could mean not being able to walk with their class at graduation.

FOX 13 News is leading the charge to erase that debt, along with help from charitable Utahns, with the goal of raising as much as possible to help students eliminate their money owed.

Listen Technologies has donated $500 to this great cause to support our local community. 

I know you recently received a receipt for Listen Technologies’ donation to FOX 13’s Erase Student Lunch Debt campaign, however, I also wanted to take a moment to personally express my deepest gratitude for your incredibly generous gift.

Your support plays a vital role in making a difference in Utah.

With your contribution, FOX 13 is one step closer to eliminating lunch debt that students across Utah carry.  We couldn’t do that without you.

Once again, thank you for your kindness and generosity. It is because of supporters like you that we can continue to make a meaningful difference in the world.” – Scripps & Howard Fund

We provide cutting-edge assistive listening solutions and make a positive impact within the communities we serve. Through our ongoing social responsibility initiatives, we give back and support those in need.

Community Support


We pledge to support two local service projects by donating our time in 2024.


Our initiative allocates funds toward educational endeavors, scholarships, event attendance, and contributing to local installations through donations.


We're passionate about creating exceptional listening experiences. We enrich lives through innovative assistive listening and communication solutions, and strongly support local and national hard-of-hearing advocacy groups.

ListenGIVES In Action

For more information about our community support efforts and how you can get involved, contact [email protected]