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Leading the Evolution of Assistive Listening

Introducing AURI™

Introducing AURI™, powered by Listen Technologies and Ampetronic, is the first Auracast™ broadcast audio-based solution for assistive listening. AURI™ is the first complete solution to let venues and end users adopt Auracast™ broadcast audio technology for assistive listening in public spaces.

AURI™ Key Highlights:

  • The first installed assistive listening system utilizing Auracast™ broadcast audio technology.
  • High quality audio multi-channel broadcast to support open or secure audio transmission, as well as multi-language support.
  • Can be used with receivers or Auracast ™ compatible devices.
  • Meets global accessibility requirements.

About Auracast™

Auracast™ is part of the new Bluetooth® Low Energy Audio specifications and is very different than classic Bluetooth®. This new standard marks the first time Bluetooth® has supported true broadcast audio, which unlocks a variety of new applications, including wide area public assistive listening.

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When will AURI™ be available?

We’re scaling up production and certification now and expect to be shipping later this year. This innovative collaboration between Listen and Ampetronic represents our joint commitment to providing the best listening experiences. Email [email protected] for more info, or sign up for our newsletter below. 

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Listen Technologies and Ampetronic are part of the Allvida accessibility group. Partnering helps us secure our position as the global leader of assistive listening, and additional future product development opportunities.