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What’s Next In Your Story?

Listen Technologies believes that everyone deserves an exceptional listening experience.

We empower millions of engaging and inclusive experiences around the world.

We are guided by four core values.

Good looking, smiling and confident, 30-something man in an office environment, wearing black-framed glasses, shortish dark brown hair parted on the side and feathered, with short facial hair, very white teeth, wearing a dark navy collared shirt with a light pattern, brown belt, and khakis with his hands in his pants pockets.

Deliver An Awesome Experience

Delivering an awesome experience internally and externally influences every aspect of our company, including teams, partners, vendors, and customers.

Be Curious and Aspire Higher

We believe creative and out-of-the-box thinking makes us better. We value innovation and are always questioning the status quo looking for ways to be better.

Keep It Simple

Complexity leads to confusion and frustration; we aim to simplify every aspect of our business. 

Play Well With Others

Our inclusion commitment means respecting, recognizing and celebrating our unique differences, so everyone feels included and engaged.

Our Team Is Passionate About Listening.