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iDSP Software Suite

The Listen iDSP Software Suite is Microsoft Windows based and makes it easy to configure units, customize channel names, run diagnostics, firmware updates, manage inventory, manage check-out and check-in of units with options to take photos of users and collect information. 

  • Download iDSP Software Suite (Release 4.10)
Watch the iDSP Software Training Video.

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If you need technical assistance with ListenTALK (technical questions, installation support, Cloud Services support), please contact our friendly technical support team.

[email protected]
Phone: +1.801.233.8992
Toll-Free: 1.800.330.0891 (USA & Canada)

ListenRF Insights

It works well, sounds great, and requires little long term support and maintenance. We are very pleased with the ListenRF solution.
Pete Dugas Technical Services Audio-Visual, CEO
It is great to see products successfully installed in one of the biggest and best AV installations in the world.
Frank Frombach SurgeX, Regional Sales Manager
After the High Holy Days, we checked in with Judi to see how the Listen systems had worked – she said that there were several congregants for whom it made a huge difference, and she even got a letter from one who had been part of the congregation for decades, and said that this is the first time she’s been able to really hear the service. And it was an easy installation – we basically got the system configured and handed it over to them. Plug and play!
Patrick Waller Pro media/Ultra Sound, Project Lead