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For an estimated 466 million people worldwide with hearing loss, traditional sound systems are not enough. Not being able to hear at live events, worship services, and other public gatherings can be frustrating, isolating, and leave guests feeling disconnected. 

Provide an inclusive, accessible, and compliant assistive listening system to deliver an awesome experience to more of your guests.

Easy to Use

Guests can spend their time enjoying your venue, not worrying about complicated equipment or adjusting settings. 

Innovative and Accessible

Innovative technology ensures everyone can have the same great experience. 

Compliant and Inclusive

Choose from a variety of technology options all designed to ensure compliance.

Simplified Compliance

It can be complicated to navigate compliance laws. Listen Technologies has worked with thousands of venues to create compliant systems that help people engage and feel included.

Our experience spans:

  • Across 80 countries
  • In more than 20 languages
  • For more than 25,000 customers

Why Compliance Matters

In most countries, venues that broadcast audio must provide assistive listening systems to accommodate those with hearing loss. 

Beyond achieving legislative compliance, you could be leaving money on the table if your venue is not accessible to 10% of guests that have hearing loss. Plus, it is the right thing to do, ensuring no one is left out. Providing assistive listening systems ensures that your venue is inclusive. 

Our systems also allow you to engage your guests with things like self-guided tours, language translations, and large two-way communication for groups touring a location.

Let us show you how you can do more than just comply.

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How Assistive Listening Systems Work

  • Take an Audio Source
  • Broadcast to a Group
  • Connect to Guests
  • Promote Usage

An Assistive Listening System transmits audio directly from the source to the listener's ear without amplifying ambient noise.

The first step in creating a system is to consider the source of the audio you are transmitting. Is the audio source live (in-person), a recorded message, or both? Do you want listeners to go from room to room or be able to change what or the channel they are listening to?

Determining the experience you want your guests to have is the first step in deciding which type of assistive listening system is best for your venue.

Typically assistive listening systems use radio frequency, infrared, or Wi-Fi technology to transmit audio from the source to the listener.

Radio frequency is an industry-standard where the audio source is connected to a transmitter and broadcast via an installed antenna to listeners with system devices tuned to the proper frequency.

Infrared works in a similar way but the audio source and the listener must be within a line of site of the emitter. This line of sight requirement provides security by ensuring only those in the same room can access the audio.

With Wi-Fi, the audio source is streamed over a Wi-Fi signal allowing anyone in range to access the audio via a customizable app. These channels can be made secure and encrypted to achieve the same security of an infrared system with the reach of a radio frequency system while allowing guests to use their own devices.

With an assistive listening system, the  audio source is transmitted directly to the listeners ear and does not amplify ambient background noise. Someone using just a hearing aid without an assistive listening system is going to have ALL sound around them amplified which can be loud and distracting.

By offering an assistive listening system, guests can more easily engage with the experience in your venue in more meaningful ways.

Depending on the type of system, guests can either check out a device or use their own device to connect to the audio source. When you provide devices, there are  several available headset types.

Once you have an assistive listening system, you can promote the availability with signage. Listen Technologies can help with printable signage and other materials to promote the availability of the assistive listening system to your guests. What is the point of having an assistive listening system if your guests are not aware?

Flexible Solutions For Every Venue

Radio Frequency


Radio frequency is the legacy technology on which most assistive listening systems are built. Audio sources are wired to a transmitter and guests use receiver units to tune in to a specific audio source. Applications range from college campuses to museums, anywhere you broadcast audio to a group.

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ListenTALK Transceiver

Two-Way Communication


ListenTALK is a portable system used for two-way communication with a group while walking around. Group leaders are hands-free and participants simply push a button to talk back. Applications include facility tours, group training, language interpretation, and walking tours – anywhere you want to engage a group.

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Audio Over Wi-Fi


Listen EVERYWHERE is a simple and cost-effective solution for assistive listening. Connect audio sources to a server to stream them over a Wi-Fi network. Guests use an app on their smartphones to access the channel of their choice. Ideal for any venue looking for a cost-effective way to provide audio to a large group.

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Listen IR

Infrared systems provide line of sight security for assistive listening needs. Infrared systems transmit audio to anyone with a receiver in the line of sight of the emitter. Infrared systems are most often used in courtrooms, medical settings, or for organizations where security is essential.

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Everyone Deserves an Exceptional Listening Experience

House of Worship

House of Worship

Houses of worship are often beautiful structures, but do not always have the best acoustics. Make sure everyone can connect to inspirational messages and music by providing assistive listening solutions.

Solutions for Houses of Worship

Arenas and Stadiums

Arenas and Stadiums

With fans cheering, music playing, and announcers calling every play of the game, enjoying a live event can be an incredibly exciting experience. Assistive listening systems enhance this experience for those with hearing loss.

Solutions for Arenas and Stadiums


Government and Courtrooms

Government buildings and courtrooms require that individuals hear every word. Assistive listening solutions from Listen Technologies deliver the clarity, precision, and reliability necessary in an environment where every word matters.

Solutions for Government and Courtrooms



Sound has the power to inspire us and is integral in creating positive listening experiences, especially in entertainment venues. Listen Technologies has the perfect solutions for all types of entertainment and educational venues.

Solutions for Theaters


K-12 to Higher Education

An exceptional education starts with great sound. Assistive listening systems help educators create enriched educational environments that improve students’ retention, focus, and imaginations with sound.

Solutions for Education

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Engaging Everyone

See a list of all the venues where engagement matters to see how you can make a difference in the listening experience of those with hearing loss.

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Case Studies

Emanu-El Synagogue

Emanu-El Synagogue

San Francisco’s Congregation Emanu-El had its temple’s membership in mind with its installation of an assistive listening system from Listen Technologies. The synagogue had some assistive listening systems in place, but they weren’t compatible or effective for some members. 

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Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium.

Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Dallas Cowboys Stadium

With up to 100K crowd capacity, the Dallas Cowboys stadium is what you would call one of the largest, AV advanced sports and entertainment venues.

Listen Technologies was specified for the public auditory assistance system and a cueing / information monitoring system for the press (IEM).

Full Case Study

Good Shepherd Community Church

Good Shepherd Community Church

Listen EVERYWHERE broadcasts crystal-clear audio via Wi-Fi to the free Listen EVERYWHERE app on iOS and Android devices. Using the Listen EVERYWHERE system, the church can broadcast audio from worship services and classes to congregants’ and students’ own devices. They can also connect the audio to any Bluetooth device, including hearing aids.

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Assistive Listening Insights
Assistive Listening Resources

If you or someone you love are living with hearing loss, want additional information on hearing loss advocacy, or need detailed information on legislative compliance, check out these additional resources.