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Assistive Listening Signage

Promote accessibility and inclusion with internationally recognized symbols and signage.

Assistive listening signage is a typical part of most legislative compliance. It also informs customers that a system is available to improve their experience. Businesses that display assistive listening signage must have a working system and meet all other legal requirements to comply with local accessibility and accommodation laws.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is specific to the United States and mandates: 

  • Assistive listening system sign(s) MUST be posted correctly at each of the entry points of a facility with an assistive listening system.
  • This is an internationally recognized hearing loss logo. 

EXCEPTION:  Where ticket offices or windows are provided, signs shall not be required at each assembly area, provided signs are displayed at each end of the ticket office or window informing patrons of the availability of assistive listening systems.

If you have multiple windows (in a row) as a ticket office or theater, you can post a single sign on a window to promote the accommodation.

Image with an illustrated ticket window with three windows with a callout for the assistive listening signage. The text on the image reads: ADA requirement for proper signage, must include the international symbol, in any assembly area and posted at entrances.

The International Symbol for Assistive Listening

International symbol for deafness - an ear with two lines going through it to indicate hearing loss

Assistive listening systems and devices can change a mediocre experience in a venue to an enjoyable one. Assistive listening systems deliver the audio directly to a device or smartphone without amplifying ambient background noise.  

When a business provides an assistive listening system for its customers, guests, and patrons, there must be a way to let them know. Consequently, this is where the international symbol for deafness comes in. This icon on a sign at entrances and near guest services and ticket windows informs guests and audiences that a hearing augmentation system is available.

This symbol is required on signage for compliance with the International Building Code (IBC), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the National Building Code of Canada (NBC), and the California Building Code (CBC) to promote the availability of communication access for those with hearing loss.

Available Assistive Listening Signage from Listen Technologies

Listen Technologies offers physical signs for purchase as well as digital signs you can download for free.

Silver rectangular assistive listening sign with the international symbol for assistive/assisted hearing and reads Assistive Listening Available in black lettering.

The LA-304 Assistive Listening Notification Signage Kit helps you achieve compliance with assistive listening regulations while also ensuring that visitors know about your system’s availability.

Each kit includes one (1) clearly printed plaque and one (1) window sticker, each of which is easily mounted in a convenient and highly visible location in your venue.

The LA-303 Multilingual Sign includes English, French, and Spanish to let visitors know that an assistive listening system is available. The sign easily mounts to walls and windows utilizing the included foam tape or can be placed on a table with the included double-wing easel.

Assistive listening signage image with multiple products that are included like posters, window clings, table tents, and business cards.

The LW-202 Listen EVERYWHERE Venue Awareness Kit lets customers know Listen EVERYWHERE is available at your venue. This kit includes:

  • One Hundred (100) Leave Behind Cards (3.5 in. X 2.0 in.)
  • Two (2) Window Clings (9 in. X 5 in.)
  • Two (2) Display Posters (18 in. X 24 in.)
  • Two (2) Table Tents (4 in. X 6 in.)

FREE Digital Signage Downloads

Digital Assistive Listening Signage

Digital signage to use on websites and in digital campaigns like social media and email.

Assistive Listening Signage 11 x 17 Black

Printable signage for venues to meet ADA legislative compliance standards

Assistive Listening Signage 8 x 10 Black

Printable signage for venues meeting ADA legislative compliance standards

Assistive Listening Device Locator

The Assistive Listening Device (ALD) Locator is a listing service for places that provide assistive listening systems. It provides access to assistive listening-friendly facilities and businesses for those looking to patronize accessible facilities. Access the ALD Locator at www.ALDlocator.com and request your free listing to have your venue included in the locator.

Screenshot of the ALD locator homepage showing a search bar to enter a location, a find devices near me section featuring entertainment, worship, theater and education, and a preview of the mobile app.
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