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Hearing Loop

What is an induction loop or hearing loop system? 

How Hearing Loops Work

A hearing loop, sometimes referred to as an induction loop, T-Loop, is an assistive listening system that provides access to audio for those with hearing loss via their hearing aid or cochlear implant. It takes the audio source and transfers it directly to a hearing aid without background noise, interference or acoustic distortion. 


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Ampetronic are world leaders in the design and manufacture of hearing loop systems, also known as induction loops, which is a direct-to-hearing aid technology for assistive listening. 

A hearing loop system that fulfills all the requirements of the international performance standard consists of 5 main components:

1. Audio Source

An induction loop system will only produce a quality and intelligible audio signal if the source sound is captured correctly. 

The sound may be a voice, in which case a microphone is required, or an audio signal such as a TV or mixing desk which can be captured using a line connection. 

2. An Induction Loop Driver

A hearing loop amplifier is usually referred to as a 'driver' and is at the heart of a hearing loop system. Note, a loop driver should not be confused with a voltage driver speaker amplifier as they are specifically designed to drive current into the loop cable. 

3. The Copper 'Loop' Cable

The cable that is used to form the actual 'loop' or 'loops' and is usually installed in concrete or under carpet. 

4. Signage and Notification

An essential part of any hearing loop system is signage to notify guests that a system is available. 

5. Receiver & Testing Equipment

All hearing loop systems should be supplied with equipment to allow the venue to regularly listen to the loop to ensure that it is operating properly. Additionally, loop receivers can also be used for hearing impaired guests who do not have a telecoil enabled hearing aid or cochlear implant.

Hearing Loop Applications


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  • Communicate directly with hearing aid users via Ampetronic hearing loops
  • Ensure effective interaction and increase productivity
  • Prevent signal overspill and reduce interference


  • Communicate directly with hearing aid users
  • Make learning enjoyable again
  • Give hearing aid users the freedom to move


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  • Communicate directly with hearing aid users
  • Make performances accessible and enjoyable for all
  • Prevent signal over spill beyond the intended audience


  • Communicate directly with hearing aid users
  • Support inclusion and enable participation
  • Minimise uncontrolled information sharing


  • Communicate directly with hearing aid users
  • Support inclusion and enable participation
  • Minimise uncontrolled information sharing

Travel & Tourism

  • Communicate directly with hearing aid users
  • Make public announcements and help points accessible
  • Provide consistent signal coverage in large and complex areas

Designing A Hearing Loop System

Designing a hearing loop system requires careful analysis and consideration to ensure the system meets the needs of the venue and provides a genuine benefit to the end-user.

We are happy to provide and guidance at any stage of your specification and design process to ensure your system performs to your expectations. We also offer a complete design service where our engineers consult with you to identify the needs of your project and provide a system design tailored to meet your needs. Please contact us for more information and we’d be happy to help.

If you prefer to design your own system, the Loopworks Design Tool allows you to easily specify and design a compliant hearing loop system. To get the most out of our Design Tool we recommend completing the online Loopworks Design Training course which includes all the relevant information you need. 

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