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Listen EVERYWHERE is Now ListenWIFI

For a better listening experience

ListenWIFI is an innovative Wi-Fi streaming solution that allows people to use their smartphones or venue-provided receivers to access audio for assistive or personal listening.

The NEW ListenWIFI features new hardware, including LWR-1050 Receivers, new LA-490 Beacons, new 2-, 4-, 8-, and 16-channel servers, and enhanced software that simplifies system configuration and management.

ListenWIFI system photograph showing the 16-slot docking station for the LWR-1050 Receivers, the LWR-1050 receiver, an LA-490 Easy Connect Beacon, the ListenWIFI app on a smartphone, and an assistive listening plaque.

What's changed since Listen EVERYWHERE?

New benefits, same great technology. 

When will ListenWIFI be available?

ListenWiFi was created based on feedback from the pro AV channel, including many of you. We learned many things as we worked to improve and innovate this quickly evolving product line. You can see ListenWIFI at a variety of events this spring and summer and will be ready to ship within the next few months. 

The Future of Assistive Listening

Gives Guests a Choice

Let guests choose to use their smartphone or borrow the LWR-1050 receiver.

Low Latency

No lip-sync issues! Low latency means the audio does not lag.

Budget Friendly

Find a ListenWIFI system to fit your needs and your budget.

Shot of a group of businesspeople raising their hands in a seminar


Globally compliant with accessibility legislation including the Americans with Disabilites Act (ADA).

Unlimited Channels

Stackable servers means unlimited channels for a future-proof solution. 

T-Coil Friendly

Neck loops connect the audio directly to hearing aids or cochlear implants using either their smartphone or the LWR-1050.

The Best Audio Over Wi-Fi Experience

See how we stack up against the competition! Check out our comparison chart for a side-by-side breakdown of key features and benefits.

Award-Winning Assistive Listening

How ListenWIFI Works

An infographic with four circles numbered one through four with simple drawings in each circle. The first one says: Audio Source, Connect audio source to a ListenWIFI server and has a drawing of a microphone. Two says: Server, ListenWIFI server transmits the audio over Wi-Fi and shows a black box depicting a server. Three says: Smartphone, Access the audio on the free ListenWIFI app with a black rectangle depicting a cell phone. Four says: Listener, The user listens to the audio via headphones or a neck loop with a drawing of headphones.

ListenWIFI, like earlier versions of Listen Technologies’ audio over Wi-Fi solutions, lets venues stream audio over their wireless network to guests’ smartphones or venue-provided LWR-1050 Receivers. If guests use their smartphones, they access the audio via a free app and listen with headphones or earbuds.

ListenWIFI introduces new ways for how users can listen to the audio.

In simple single audio channel applications, the new LWR-1050 Receiver can be preconfigured so users can simply turn on the device and connect to the venue’s audio without worrying about Wi-Fi connections or any technology.    

For venues with more than one channel available, users can still select their preferred channel on their devices just like they could before, but now ListenWIFI devices can automatically connect to a channel when a device enters a room or gets near a specific area or location using the ListenWIFI LA-490 Beacons which send a signal to connect the device to the correct channel for that location.

New Language Capabilities

Connecting to the correct channel has never been easier when providing audio in multiple languages. The LWR-1050s can be preconfigured by language preference. Listeners can also set their preferred language in the ListenWIFI app so the app automatically connects to the right audio channel based on the listener’s preferred language. 

The ListenWIFI System

ListenWIFI Servers

ListenWIFI servers operate on existing networks and can easily be configured from the management software.

Bring Your Own Device

Guests use their smartphones as assistive listening devices using the free app. 

ListenWIFI LWR-1050 Receivers

The ListenWIFI LWR-1050 receivers help meet legislative compliance requirements and provides a choice. 

ListenWIFI LA-490 Beacons

Beacons make connecting to the right channel simple.

ListenWIFI App

Customize the free ListenWIFI app with unique channel names, banner ads, videos, special offers, and more.


Our patented ListenWIFI servers are stackable to meet growing needs and can operate on existing networks. Configure the server and other ListenWIFI hardware using the management software.

Image of the LW-110-02 ListenWIFI server
Patented Technology

As innovators in assistive listening technology, our patent sets our audio over Wi-Fi technology apart as unique. Your guests deserve the best and that’s exactly what you get with ListenWIFI.  Learn more. 

Private and Hidden Channels

ListenWIFI allows administrators to set channels as private or hidden. Private channels are password protected. Listeners access the audio using the designated password, preventing unauthorized access.

Hidden channels don’t appear in the app and keep the audio secure. Users access hidden channels using the LWR-1050 receivers and LA-490 beacons.

Existing Wi-Fi Network

ListenWIFI can be set up on an existing Wi-Fi network to wirelessly stream audio. End users connect to the Wi-Fi network, download the free app for iOS or Android, and select the desired channel. ListenWIFI also streams directly to Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids and cochlear implants using personal induction neck loops with the ListenWIFI app on a smart device or using the LWR-1050 receivers. 

Management Software

The new ListenWIFI Manager software for Windows® makes managing and programming the ListenWIFI system easy. The software enables venues to:

  • Manage and program the ListenWIFI platform – LWR-1050 receivers, LA-490 Beacons, mobile apps, and servers.
  • Easily track inventory.
  • Hide and password-protect audio channels.
  • Generate QR codes that smartphone users can scan to access audio.

LWR-1050 Receivers

The LWR-1050 receiver allows guests to choose how they want to receive the audio. They can stream the audio to their smartphone or check out an LWR-1050 ListenWIFI receiver. 

Global and Compliant

Developed and built by Listen Technologies, the LWR-1050 Receiver positions ListenWIFI as the global assistive listening solution meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and international compliance requirements while delivering high-quality digital audio at an industry-best low latency.  


Providing the required number of LWR-1050 receivers allows the system to be a compliant assistive listening solution when combined with the appropriate number of neck loops and compliant signage. 

Easy to Use

When guests choose to receive the audio on a venue-provided receiver, they simply plug in earbuds or headphones, adjust the volume, and hear the audio. No connecting to Wi-Fi or downloading an app. 

Personal Induction Neck Loops

Personal induction neck loops allow hearing aid and cochlear implant users to connect to the audio using the telecoil in their hearing aids. Most legislation requires a certain number of neck loops to be made available to meet compliance requirements. Try our accessibility calculator to see how many neck loops are required for the capacity of the space.

Docking Stations

Three docking stations are available to charge, store, and clone the new LWR-1050 Receivers. The LA-480 (pictured right) fits 16 receivers, the LA-482 fits four receivers, and the LA-481 carrying case fits 16 receivers for a portable solution.

Product image of an empty docking station

Easily bulk charge and store LWR-1050 Receivers in the multi-unit docking stations —no need to individually charge numerous LWR-1050 Receivers with USB cords. And if needed, each receiver is also chargeable with a USB cord.

Convenient Storage

Conveniently store LWR-1050 Receivers in docking stations.  Docking stations can be securely mounted to a wall, in a drawer, on a rack, or attached to a tabletop. The 16-slot docking station carrying case adds portability to the system.

Bulk Programming

Easily and quickly update up to 16 receivers at once with the push of a button. ListenWIFI LWR-1050 Receivers can be updated, set to a specific language, or set to a certain channel by placing them in a docking station and using the clone button.

LA-490 Beacons

The LA-490 Beacon triggers LWR-1050 Receivers and users’ smartphones to tune to a specific audio channel automatically when a person is within a specific range of the unit.

Small black box with blue indicator light at the top middle and the Listen Technologies logo at the bottom.

Beacons send a signal to smartphones using Bluetooth® wireless technology.  The signal tells the smartphone which channel is broadcasting the audio in that space.


Beacons send a signal to LWR-1050 Receivers using infrared technology. The signal tells the receiver which channel is broadcasting the audio in that space. Infrared is contained in the physical room for added security.

Power Options

Power the beacons using a standard USB connection when power is easily accessible. Or power the beacons with standard alkaline double AA batteries.


Administrators configure each beacon’s range and technology (Bluetooth or IR) using the ListenWIFI Manager software. 

The App

Fully customize the ListenWIFI app to match branding and enhance the guests’ experience. 

Image of the ListenWIFI app on a smartphone with blue lines calling out the features of the Welcome ad or video in the upper section of the app, the app theme in the middle, the documents icon in the middle, sliding promotional banners in the top of the app, the offers icon in the middle to the right of the documents icon, channel labels, and private channels in the lower section of the app that displays the channels.
Brand and Customize

The free app is managed through ListenWIFI manager and can be customized to your branding. You control the colors, text banners, sliding promotional banners, custom channel names, and welcome ad or video.

Private and Hidden Channels

The private channels feature allows you to password-protect one or all channels to control who can access the streaming audio. 


Hidden channels add an extra layer of security for applications where only receivers are being used. Hidden channels are not visible in the app and can only be accessed when a beacon automatically connects the receiver to that channel. 

Easy to Use

The app is intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to set their language preference and scan QR codes directly within the app. Scanning QR codes in the app tunes to the channel for the audio in that space.

It's Easy to Get Started


Talk with Us

Let us know how you are planning to use ListenWIFI.


Build a System

We can recommend a system to meet your application and needs.


Engage Everyone

Communicate your accessibility with confidence knowing everyone has the opportunity to hear clearly.


Our earlier version of our audio over wi-fi product line, Listen EVERYWHERE, is a simple and cost-effective solution for assistive listening, language interpretation, and streaming TV or video audio. The multiple-channel audio is delivered directly to guests’ smartphones through a free, fully customizable app. 


ListenEVERYWHERE is now ListenWIFI

We still offer sales and support for our 3rd generation wi-fi streaming audio product line. Any questions? Email us!

Portion of a smartphone with the Listen EVERYWHERE app with ear buds plugged into the phone
Title text at top: ListenWIFI Image of the new ListenWIFI system including a beacon (a block box with a Listen Technologies logo and a blue light), a ListenWIFI server (a black box with a Listen Technologies logo, a blue and silver power button, and a two lights that indicate channels), a receiver that looks like a ListenTALK unit, and an ADA compliant Assistive Listening Available sign with the international symbol for hearing loss,

Stay in the Know

ListenWIFI is expected be ready to ship within the next few months. Fill out the form below to stay in the know and get notified when ListenWIFI is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

ADA and International Compliance

Yes! ListenWIFI meets ADA compliance when paired with the proper number of Wi-Fi receivers, neck loops, and assistive listening signage. Check out our accessibility calculator to ensure you have the proper quantity of each based on your seating capacity.

The same number of receivers and neck loops are required even if the audio is accessible via smartphones in a BYOD scenario.

Yes, receivers and neck loops in the right quantity for the capacity of the space, and signage make ListenWIFI completely ADA compliant.

Yes, for compliance with the ADA, receivers and neck loops must be made available in addition to proper signage letting guests know that assistive listening devices are available for accessibility.

How ListenWIFI Works

Absolutely! Customers often prefer to use their own devices and download the ListenWIFI app. For those that do not want to use their own device, the LWR-1050 receivers are easy to use. There’s no need to connect to the Wi-Fi and no app to download.

Yes! Software development kits (SDKs) are available to add the ListenWIFI capabilities to an existing app or develop a new app.

Yes, users utilizing the ListenWIFI App can select the channel in the app.

Additionally, ListenWIFI allows for automatic channel selection using the new beacons, allowing receivers to connect automatically to the right channel for each room or area! Whether using the mobile app or the LWR-1050 Audio Receiver, guests now don’t have to worry about anything other than volume adjustment. 


ListenWIFI also supports QR codes in each room, allowing smartphones to scan and connect to a specific channel.   Of course using beacons is a much simpler solution for your guests!


And if desired, ListenWIFI can be setup to allow guests to manually select channels from a list. 

The ListenWIFI server is designed to be integrated into an existing network and be plug-and-play. Depending on the application, it may be helpful to consult with an IT/Network Administrator for initial setup. Check out the Network Guide for Listen EVERYWHERE and Wireless Access Point Optimization for Listen EVERYWHERE tech notes for additional information.

ListenWIFI LWR-1050 Receivers

The receiver continuously scans for any beacons in the area and will tune to the correct channel based on physical location.  So while audio is still streamed over the Wi-Fi network, the beacon provides the channel information for each space, room, or zone!  This allows for a seamless experience for your guests.

No, it is automatic!  With the use of beacons, the receiver (and mobile apps) will automatically connect to the right channel for that room.

No! For multi-lingual applications, the receiver will automatically connect to the channel in the users preferred language. They simply select their desired language, or it can be pre-confogured for a language, and that device will always play room audio in that language! No need to fumble with a channel list.

Easily bulk charge and store LWR-1050 Receivers in one of our docking stations or portable carrying cases. If needed, each receiver can be charged with a USB cord.

Not yet, but the hardware does support it. Listen Technologies plans on releasing a firmware update soon after launch that will provide Bluetooth streaming capabilities to headphones, speakers, hearing aids, and cochlear implants.

ListenWIFI LA-490 Beacons

There is no limit. Beacons simply broadcast channel connection information (trigger ID) to any and all devices in the range of the beacon.

This is dependent on setup and environment; however, around 10′ will be a minimum distance between beacons for good performance and channel selection. Stay tuned for more detailed specifications.

While there are no immediate plans to manufacture white beacons, we do maintain a database of product enhancement requests and this has been added there.

The beacon can be painted any color if your transmit mode remains on Bluetooth (default operation).  The beacon cannot be painted at all if using the Infrared transmit mode, as it will impede the Infrared light.


With the use of IR beacons in courtrooms, a similar level of security as ListenIR can be established. While ListenWIFI can be a valid alternative to IR for courts, it’s dependent on their preference and comfort level.


The beacon can be plugged in with a USB cable or battery powered with two double AA alkaline batteries.

The listening device will pick the closest beacon. If you are directly in the middle of 2 beacons, the listening device will remain connected to one until the strength of the other exceeds a specific threshold. The beacons are programmed to your preferred range directly in the ListenWIFI Manager software.


Listen EVERYWHERE Compatibility

Unfortunately, the new LWR-1050 ListenWIFI audio receivers will NOT work with existing Listen EVERYWHERE servers.  The new LWR-1050 ListenWIFI audio receivers are only compatible with the new ListenWIFI servers.   However, if you have an existing Listen EVERYWHERE server that is still under warranty (2 years), you may be eligible for an upgrade!  Please contact Listen Technologies for additional details. 

Sure, you can add additional LWR-1020 audio receivers, as long as supplies last.  It is important to note that LWR-1020’s are only compatible with Listen EVERYWHERE systems, and that the new LWR-1050 ListenWIFI audio receivers are only compatible with new ListenWIFI systems. 

The Listen EVERYWHERE server settings were preconfigured, and the system let us customize and manage our channel names, so it was easy to install and set up. We have seen excellent performance, with minimal channel-switching delays, less than 2 seconds.
James Gulke High-Tech Electric
Today, when you walk through the Sports Book at Caesars Palace, you see everyone has a smartphone, most people are multi-tasking on the phone, and almost everyone is wearing earbuds. We see this as the future of sports books, Listen EVERYWHERE makes this a truly tailor-made experience.
Vince King King Audio Video Integration and Consulting, Owner
As soon as we saw the demonstration of Listen EVERYWHERE, everyone in the organization could see the huge benefits this product offers to fans. They are able to engage with coaches and players and immerse themselves in the game in a way no other sports franchise can match. Listen EVERYWHERE helps us stand out and offer fans an experience they can’t get anywhere else in professional or minor league sports. As soon as we saw the demonstration of Listen EVERYWHERE, everyone in the organization could see the huge benefits this product offers to fans. They are able to engage with coaches and players and immerse themselves in the game in a way no other sports franchise can match. Listen EVERYWHERE helps us stand out and offer fans an experience they can’t get anywhere else in professional or minor league sports.
Jared Youngman Utah Grizzlies, Vice President