Wireless Tour Guide System
for Group Communication

Simple. Mobile. Wireless.

Wireless Tour Guide System
for Group Communication

Simple. Mobile. Wireless.

Wireless Tour Guide System
for Group Communication

Simple. Mobile. Wireless.

Two-Way Communication Devices

LKR-11ListenTALK Receiver Pro
LK-1ListenTALK Transceiver
LKR-12ListenTALK Receiver Basic

Walking and talking as a group? ListenTALK allows you to take control of the conversation and include each group member individually in any setting. Whether your group is struggling to stay within the range of your voice or background noise is disrupting your flow — ListenTALK connects you to your guests with clear audio so they can focus on your message. ListenTALK is a portable, wearable wireless tour guide system that transmits audio from a presenter to their audience.

Tour Guide System Features


With one-way and two-way communication device options, you can field questions and engage your group without raising your voice or repeating yourself.


ListenTALK is a completely wireless tour guide system that allows you to communicate on the go, wherever you are.

Group Setup

With a single tap, ListenTALK’s tour guide headsets and receiver devices can be paired on the fly and multiple groups can be created in seconds.

Group Communication Uses

ListenTALK was designed with flexibility in mind. Each group communication environment is unique, so our transceivers were made to communicate both over background noise or in environments where guests must stay quiet.

A wireless guided tour system is perfect for group communication in any environment. Whether your group needs to preserve the integrity of a museum exhibit by speaking softly or they are surrounded by noisy machinery, ListenTALK was designed with both extremes in mind. The leader simply speaks and group members respond with just the push of a button, encouraging an open dialogue, interactive training or the relay of important safety information.

Leisure Tours

Tour guides can choose and easily set up the ideal participation mode for their tour type

Plant Tours

Where safety is a concern, guides need to be able to easily communicate with participants & field questions

Mobile Training

ListenTALK’s hands-free functionality allows trainers to demonstrate and encourage discussion

VIP Tours

ListenTALK facilitates communication & collaboration in any setting – ensring the best VIP guest experience

Language Interpretation

ListenTALK bridges the gap in communication promoting inclusion and ensuring information is understood

Assistive Listening

ListenTALK ensures every guest has a comparable listening experience & simple user functionality

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