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Front view of Kingsbury Hall

Project: Kingsbury Hall

Product: ListenIR
Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Kingsbury Hall opened its doors on May 22, 1930. Since then, many nationally recognized performers have appeared on the Kingsbury stage. Local performing arts companies such as the Utah Symphony|Utah Opera, Ririe Woodbury, Ballet West, and Repertory Dance Theatre all got their start at Kingsbury Hall.

Looking to upgrade from an older, outdated listening system, Kingsbury chose an infrared assisted listening system from Listen Technologies due to its outstanding coverage and transmission of clear, focused audio directly to the intended audience. With the new infrared system from Listen Technologies, Kingsbury Hall can now provide an exceptional listening experience to audience members with hearing aids and cochlear implants. The new IR system also provides secure wireless communication and isolates the signal so that it is not transmitted outside of the theater. This ensures copyright protection for productions and performances.

System Components

• LT – 82 Stationary IR Transmitter
• LA – 140 Stationary IR Radiator
• LR – 5200 Advanced Intelligent DSP IR Receiver
• LR – 4200 Intelligent DSP IR Receiver
• LA – 430 Intelligent Ear Phone/Neck Loop Lanyard for T-coil users


As the performing arts center on the University of Utah campus, Kingsbury Hall’s mission is to create opportunities for connection between artist and audience, with a moment in a performance that touches an individual, for master class students discovering something new in their craft. Kingsbury Hall connects audiences with the best world-class performing arts in Salt Lake and the energy only live performances can bring. Kingsbury Hall – where creativity connects. For more information, visit http://kingsburyhall.utah.edu/.

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