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Older Listen Technologies logo

1998 Listen Hits the Ground Running

In 1998 Russ Gentner, Keldon Paxman, Cory Schaeffer, and Kelli Lundgren jump into the assistive listening market with two innovative products that were among the first to offer built-in LCD displays, 57 channels, SmartCharge™ charging circuitry, and outstanding audio quality.

2006 Going Global with Continued Innovation

With a continued passion for innovation, Listen Technologies launched a new line of stationary infrared assistive listening solutions and a new family of radio frequency products that deliver assistive listening and language interpretation solutions with an even greater range of options and capabilities worldwide.

Product image an RF transmitter for 216 MHz
Classroom full of students taking an exam.

2009 Better Sound for Classrooms and Training Rooms

ListenPoint, a new family of affordable amplification solutions, is introduced to bring clear, consistent, and practical “Listen Technologies quality” audio to meeting rooms and classrooms.

2014 Wi-Fi Personal Listening

Listen Technologies brought to market a Wi-Fi-based system for personal listening allowing end-users the ability to download an app and connect the TV audio on their smartphone.

Graphic that says "Personal Listening" with the part number LT-810D, an old Listen Technologies logo and some lines and dashes.
Two Listen Technologies Infrared Receivers in two different modes: Lecture and Courtroom.

2014 IDSP Receiver Revolution

Listen Technologies introduced new iDSP (Intelligent Digital Signal Processing) receivers. iDSP is the new generation of assistive listening receivers, revolutionizing radio frequency sound quality with advanced DSP SQ™, available in 150, 72, & 216 MHz models.

2015 ListenIR LT-84/LA-141 Introduced

Listen Technologies changes the perception of infrared. When used with the advanced iDSP infrared receiver our new infrared products offer twice the coverage and range of traditional infrared ensuring the best end-to-end assistive listening experience.

LA141 wall mounted with an LA84 black, thin profile, with Listen logo on the front
Women at the airport terminal on her phone looking at the flight logs

2017 Acquired Audio Everywhere

Listen Technologies commercial-grade audio experience combined with Audio Everywhere’s superior technology created the “perfect storm”. Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies is the first Wi-Fi solution for assistive listening that runs on a venue’s existing network, is simple to set up and use, and is extremely affordable – making it the ideal solution to increase inclusion for a variety of settings.

2017 ListenTALK Introduced

ListenTALK communication platform is introduced to the market. The ListenTALK Transceiver is the first product of its kind that both transmits and receives audio – making it ideal for all two-way communication needs.

Front view of ListenTALK transceiver with headset accessories.
Disney SyncLink Technology Logo

2018 Agreement with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Listen Technologies enters into a technology agreement with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts to utilize Disney SyncLinkTM

Technology in its award-winning, portable, two-way communication product ListenTALK.

2018 Headquarters Expansion

Listen Technologies holds a groundbreaking ceremony at the site where it constructed a new building next to its headquarters on Heritage Crest Way in Bluffdale, Utah. The new building was completed in the fall of 2018 and doubled Listen Technologies’ corporate campus.

Listen Technologies two-story brick and stucco, brown and white Bluffdale office building at night, with an empty parking lot, the lights on inside, and a dark sky.
Listen EVERYWHERE (WiFi) Server

2019 Listen EVERYWHERE Launch

Listen Technologies announces the launch of Listen EVERYWHERE, its new and improved Wi-Fi product. Listen EVERYWHERE is the latest in the evolution of Listen Technologies Wi-Fi products. It replaces Audio Everywhere and features upgraded hardware, a streamlined finish, and a new server with professional audio outputs.