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Roadmap 2023: Listen Technologies

Our products are simple to install, intuitive and easy to use, and are used for multiple applications such as assistive listening, language interpretation, group communication, audio description, and more. We continually aim to innovate and develop products that utilize the latest technology.

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How to Plan a Successful Easter Service

“Adding monitors and digital signage in the sanctuary to broadcast song lyrics, closed captioning, and announcements can help worshippers with hearing loss and those who experience situational listening challenges such as distance from speakers, background noise, visual or audio distractions, and language,” says Kim Franklin, Vice President of Global Marketing at Listen Technologies.

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Assistive Listening Systems: ADA Compliance in Noisy Venues

With easy-to-use technology, Listen Technologies empowers businesses to serve individuals with hearing loss, facilitating their participation in the activities they enjoy and creating a win-win solution for both the business and the individual. Listen Technologies is dedicated to creating a world where individuals with hearing loss can experience the same level of sound quality as those without hearing loss. Through innovative technology, Listen Technologies is revolutionizing the way people with hearing loss interact with the world.

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Lutcher Theater Turns to Wi-Fi, RF Assistive Listening Systems

On average, Lutcher Theater checks out 15-20 assistive listening devices for each performance. However, on some performance nights, there have been as many as 50-60 requests for assistive listening devices. Lutcher Theater technical director David Boehme selected ListenRF 5200 iDSP receivers to provide the best experience for patrons who prefer to use a traditional assistive listening device.

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Lutcher Theater Installs Listen Technologies’ Wi-Fi and RF Assistive Listening Systems

“So far, with the ListenRF system, we really appreciate the straightforward arrangement of the charging cradles, especially the extra slot for an ID. Also, not needing to remove batteries for charging is awesome. Most amazing is the feature of the devices starting up on their own when removed from the charger. No power-on button pushing needed, so cool,” added Boehme. 

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Lutcher Theater Installs Listen Technologies’ Wi-Fi and RF Assistive Listening Systems

Lutcher Theater decided to upgrade its 30-year-old infrared assistive listening system because patrons were increasingly experiencing interference from LED screens in the theater. Full Compass, a Madison, Wisc.-based national leader in supplying pro audio, video, and lighting equipment, recommended Listen Technologies’ Wi-Fi and radio frequency (RF) assistive listening systems to serve Lutcher Theater patrons and give them a choice for the best individual experience.

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Listen Technologies’ Wi-Fi and RF Assistive Listening Systems Installed at Lutcher Theater

Customers who wish to access audio for performances on their smartphone can use Listen EVERYWHERE, which broadcasts audio over Wi-Fi through a customizable app. Before the performance, audience members download the free app, log on to the guest Wi-Fi network at Lutcher Theater, choose the channel to hear the audio, and listen to the performance through their headphones or earbuds connected to their phones.

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